What Is an Aura and How Can You See it?

What Is an Aura and How Can You See it?Everything in existence is permeated by a field of electromagnetic energy which is known by many names. This life force energy, prana or chi emanates from every object, person and living thing to produce a subtle field of radiation in varying colors, known as the aura.

People who have an expansive aura are often said to have a ‘presence’ that fills up a room without them saying a word. This auric field can be viewed as a mirror which reflects the emotional, mental and spiritual state of a being and can also reveal any dissonance or blockages in a person’s energy field.

A vibrant aura emitting bright colors indicates a balanced and high vibrational frequency or chi, whereas a dark or discolored aura signifies imbalanced, stagnant or depleted energy. This could be the result of illness or disease or emotional blockages in a person’s energy.

What Do Aura Colors Represent?

Aura colors give an insight into a person’s state at any given time and can change depending on factors such as mood, energy levels and overall well being. Each color has its own energy signature and can represent the following:

● Red: Connected to the root chakra, red represents vitality, will, dynamism, passion, aggression or anger.
● Orange: Connected to the sacral chakra, orange is the energy of creativity, sensuality, warmth, confidence, abundance and empathy
● Yellow: Representing the solar plexus chakra, the color yellow is connected to self-esteem and personal power. It signifies optimism, motivation, fun, freedom, joy and inspiration.
● Green: Representing the heart chakra and unconditional love, this aura color emits healing and nurturing energies that indicate a balance in body, mind and spirit. Being in the presence of this energy field can feel very calming and harmonious.
● Blue: The color blue is associated with the throat chakra and communication. Connected to the energies of intuition, free-thinking and wisdom, blue represents self-expression as well as clarity, devotion and peace.
● Indigo: The color of the third eye chakra, indigo relates to inner knowing and intuition. Indigo signifies sensitivity and spiritual connectedness, or self-doubt and uncertainty if dark or murky.
● Violet: This is the color of the crown chakra and represents wisdom, innovation and the ability to inspire, guide and lead others.

How Can I See Auras?

What Is an Aura and How Can You See it?Some people have the natural ability to see the auric field around a person or object, however, for most people specialized equipment such as Inneractive aura cameras or aura photography equipment is required.

Aura photography originally comes from Kirlian photography which was discovered in 1939 by a Russian scientist called Semyon Kirlian. Along with his wife, Valentina, Kirlian found that if an object is placed onto a high-voltage photographic plate, an image of the object is captured surrounded by a coronal discharge. This technique is also known as electrography, corona discharge photography, gas discharge visualization and Kirlianography.

The mysterious energy surrounding the object is created by the glow of gas discharges as the electrically charged air reacts to the object. Aura imaging software can record the electromagnetic energy which emanates from an object or a person’s body and interpret the readings to provide information on potential energy imbalances, blocked meridian channels and offer ways to promote healing.

Aura Cleansing

What Is an Aura and How Can You See it?Energy healers and spiritual practitioners often work with the aura to help release blockages and enable the prana or life force to flow more freely throughout the energy channels of the body.

As your aura is constantly influenced by other people and situations throughout the day you can pick up energies and psychic debris from your surroundings which can negatively impact and weaken your auric field. As a result, you may feel tired, depressed, anxious, or irritable.

This is why it is important to cleanse your aura regularly by taking some of the following steps:

● Take a Cleansing Bath or Shower: Essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus or Himalayan sea salt can be added to your bath to help cleanse your auric field. Set the intention of washing your aura clean of any energies that are not yours.
● Smudging: Burn sacred herbs such as dried white sage, cedar or frankincense to cleanse your aura by gently passing the smoke around your energy field and body.
● Spend Time in Nature: Ground your energy by walking barefoot on the grass or simply allow the rain to cleanse your aura by imagining any negativity being washed away.

An aura reading can help you understand more about your own energy field and offer techniques to cleanse and uplift your emotional, mental and spiritual well being.


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  1. Thanks for the info that energy healers allow life force to flow freely through the body. A good friend of mine was talking about how she wants to visit a spiritual healer to restore her aura. She should find a good healer that can lead her through the process.

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