HEART CHAKRA Healing: Listening To The Pain Teacher

Open your heart to greater healing.

Hey it's Josh from Wellness Force and in this podcast we are going deep into the question that maybe you have asked yourself today, I know at least once this week and that is:

How do I have more peace within myself?

It's a big question, it's a deep question.

And we are going to answer that today with a world-class speaker for his return to Wellness Force.

He spoke to us during the plandemic, and today he comes back to share a world-class approach to healing mental health issues through a lens of holistic care including Body Mind and Spirit.

Many of the concepts you're going to watch if you with us on YouTube or listen if you're here on the podcast, we will explore for the very first time.

I was blown away with the bandwidth of our guest as the CEO of Healing 4D, a holistic health practitioner, a shamanic energy healer and massage therapist.

He is the creator of Healing The Mind: A Journey To Wholeness, a 21-day holistic mental health program.

With a fully integrated approach to physical and mental health, my guest supports his students across the world and getting an understanding and meaning to their healing journey he is the one and only Greg Schmaus!

Healing The Mind

In this episode we're going to explore how humanity has grown because of covid-19, we’ll understand what Greg calls the “Peace Paradox” why we can't rely on other people to help us heal and how we can actually do the inner work ourselves.

We’ll talk about (3) reasons why we self-sabotage, how Greg has woven the solutions to these problems that we all face in his 21 Day Program, we'll talk about how pain is actually the greatest guide to our healing (which is a paradox that Greg has painted such a clear picture for us to understand).

Discover with us the mental health opportunities and how we can honor our four internal seasons to really start and complete our inner journey towards wholeness.

I really appreciate Greg's wisdom as I have worked directly with him to see this HTM program come to life.

Heart Chakra Healing

If you yourself have been dealing with mental health struggles or looping thoughts or anxiety, Greg was super generous to give you 20% off his program all you have to do is go to healing4D.com/HTM and use code “WELLNESSFORCE” to get 20% off

Share this podcast with somebody that you love, share this podcast with somebody you know who has been struggling with mental health, OCD, looping thoughts, anxiety, depression.

I truly believe in my heart of hearts that Greg is one of the masters in our world at supporting people to come back home to themselves.

Healing The Mind: A Journey To Wholeness
21 Day Guided Program

Get 20% off at wellnessforce.com/HTM with the code “WELLNESSFORCE”

Greg Schmaus | Healing The Mind: A Journey To WholenessAccess your new program anywhere, anytime on any device with easy to learn videos with quick powerful practices to release self sabotage, racing thoughts and chronic stress in just minutes a day.

Understand the Root Cause of Illness

Why do we get sick? What is the root cause of illness?

Is it our nutrition, relationships, environment, or belief systems? The answer is yes to all. In this program, you will learn what the root cause of our ailments are and how to begin to repattern and resolve these imbalances from within.

Decrease Stress Levels

Stress has been shown to be the #1 root cause of almost all ailments, both physically and mentally. Stress on any level, whether it is in the mind, emotions, body, or environment, creates an overall stress load. In this program, you will learn how to permanently integrate practices to begin to lower this overall stress load and find more balance and harmony to live your best life.

Increase Mental Clarity

The practices shared in this program have been used for thousands of years to heal the body, calm the mind, and increase mental clarity. Unique healing practices such as breathwork, Tai Chi, meditation, and much more will bring you to a state of peace, inner calm, and equilibrium that you will learn to embody inside of 21 days.

About Greg Schmaus

Heart Chakra Healing: Listening To The Pain TeacherGreg Schmaus is the CEO of Healing 4D, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Massage Therapist. He is the creator of “Healing The Mind,” a 21 day holistic mental health program. With a fully integrated approach to physical and mental health, Greg supports students across the world in gaining understanding and meaning to their healing journey.

Through his online programs and personal client coaching, Greg guides students and clients towards higher awareness, empowerment, and freedom in their lives through authentic lifestyle practices. Over the past decade, Greg has coached countless clients with various physical and mental health challenges; integrating the lessons of many of his great teachers and mentors, including Paul Chek and Alberto Villoldo.


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