Sodium Truths & Myths

How much salt is good for me and my brain? 

Salt is a confusing topic when it comes to health. There is so much conflicting information out there.

Beat Brain Fog

All the incessant distractions that constantly attack us. Cell phones, calendars, little beeping devices everywhere…it seems like it would be almost impossible for us to not have brain fog at times.

What if I told you there was a simple way to beat brain fog. It has nothing to do with putting your phone on silent. Turning off your notifications.

Instead of looking to your environment for the cause of brain fog. What if it had more to do with your internal environment?

Specifically, the levels of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. These directly impact your brain's health and cognitive function.

Robb Wolf's Return To Wellness Force

In Episode 403 on the Wellness Force podcast, we spoke with a former biochemist. New York Times best-selling author, Robb Wolf.

This is his fourth appearance on the podcast. So much love and respect for him. He is a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. Robb has a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He is a former California state powerlifting Champion. 

His work across the United States helping Special Operations and being on the board of directors for Specialty Health has brought him into his new venture. LMNT

Episode 403 talks about some pretty polarizing concepts. You may never look at your pink Himalayan salt the same ever again.

Robb shares how to beat brain fog. The relationship of electrolytes to our brain's capacity to think, and function. 

Discover the myths surrounding sodium. How our sodium intake can decrease dramatically when we shift to eating whole foods. 

There is a direct impact on our thyroid as well with this decrease in sodium. To help others with this, Robb's company LMNT creates electrolytes to combat brain fog.

LMNT's Gift To You

You can get a free sample pack delivered right to your door. Pay for shipping visit to try and see the effects for yourself.

There is so much to this conversation about achieving better health. Learn to honor your health by way of these micronutrients.

Our modern lives leave so many of us missing out on these micro-nutrients from our food supply. We are not living in our ancestor’s world anymore.

Share this podcast with someone who needs to beat brain fog. They might be struggling with their sodium, potassium, and magnesium levels. 

Drink LMNT

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Robb Wolf | Electrolytes: How Sodium, Potassium & Magnesium Help To Beat Brain FogA tasty electrolyte drink mix that is formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks following a keto, low-carb, or paleo diet.

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More Salt, Not Less

About Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf | Electrolytes: How Sodium, Potassium & Magnesium Help To Beat Brain FogRobb Wolf, a former research biochemist is the 2X New York Times/WSJ Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat.  Robb has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world via his top ranked iTunes podcast, books and seminars.

Robb has functioned as a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (Biomed Central) and as a consultant for the Naval Special Warfare Resiliency program. He serves on the board of Directors/Advisors for: Specialty Health Inc, The Chickasaw Nation’s “Unconquered Life” initiative and a number of innovative start ups with a focus on health and sustainability.

Robb's Wellness Journey

Robb holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is a former California State Powerlifting Champion (565 lb. Squat, 345 lb. Bench, 565 lb. Dead Lift) and a 6-0 amateur kickboxer. Wolf has provided seminars in nutrition and strength & conditioning to a number of entities including NASA, Naval Special Warfare, the Canadian Light Infantry and the United States Marine Corps.

Robb lives in Texas with his wife Nicki and daughters Zoe and Sagan.


About Josh Trent

Josh Trent lives in Austin, Texas with his love Carrie Michelle, son Novah, daughter Nayah + a cat named Cleo. He is the host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast and the creator of the BREATHE: Breath + Wellness Program. Josh has spent the past 20+ years as a trainer, researcher + facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. Helping humans LIBERATE their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual + financial self through podcasts, programs + global community that believe in optimizing our potential to live life well.

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