Healing The Second Brain: Dr. Michael Ruscio

Healing The Second Brain_ Dr. Michael Ruscio WELLNESS FORCE RADIO EPISODE 236

Healing The Second Brain: Dr. Michael Ruscio

“If you want to have a healthy brain, you have to have a healthy gut. Someone who has depression and brain fog can feel better in just a couple of months by understanding the enteric nervous system and healing their gut.” – Dr. Michael Ruscio

How does the gut connect, communicate, and work with the brain to not only help your body thrive and heal but to impact your emotions and intuition too?

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 236, doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author of Healthy Gut, Healthy You, Dr. Michael Ruscio, returns for the third time to explain what the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) is and how it acts as your second brain; how one of his clients actually improved when carbs and gluten were added to his diet; and why we'll be seeing more psychologists begin to make referrals for their patients to have their gut health checked.

Discover why focusing on both mental and gut health go hand in hand.

'Slow down, do one thing at a time, and realize that to learn what your body needs, you can't do 7 things at once. Do one thing for a few weeks and then move onto the next. Learn to listen to your body and trust what it says.' - @DrRuscioClick To Tweet

Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Buy your own copy of Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Healthy Gut, Healthy You by Dr. Michael Ruscio

Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut. Now backed by extensive scientific research, this idea still holds true today. In Healthy Gut, Healthy You, clinician and researcher Dr. Michael Ruscio shows how modern lifestyle changes and the widespread use of antibiotics have made our guts and the essential bacteria they contain more vulnerable than ever before.

The good news is that almost any ailment including depression, fatigue, weight gain, autoimmunity, insomnia, and hypothyroidism can be healed. The key is not just managing the symptoms but treating the root cause: the gut. Restoring this crucial part of your overall health improves the performance of your whole body from the inside out and it's easier than you think to get started.

You don't have to follow crazy diets or spend a fortune to get healthy. Instead, read this book to discover

  • how the gut works and its role in your body,
  • practical diet and lifestyle advice to support your gut health,
  • simple and actionable tools to repair your gut, and
  • an innovative, user-friendly plan to heal, support and revitalize your gut.

A vibrant, healthy youbegins with your gut start healing your body today!

Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Healthy Gut, Healthy You – The personalized plan to transform your health from the inside out. from Dr Michael Ruscio DNM, DC on Vimeo.

Listen To Episode 236 As Dr. Michael Ruscio Uncovers:

  • The Enteric Nervous System (ENS) – what it is, how it connects to the gut, and why it's the second brain.
  • How gut problems like dysbiosis and IBS not only affect the stomach system but the brain and our moods as well.
  • Types of skin issues might occur if a person has a leaky gut including pimples.
  • What advanced interleukins testing is and how it helps to check for inflammation.
  • Why each person needs to figure out how gluten affects their individual body compared to focusing on avoiding it at all cost.
  • The benefits of the elimination diet to help your body heal and better understand if any foods affect your body.
  • Why the Ketogenic diet isn't for everyone even though it's all everyone is talking about.
  • Why there is no “should” or “should not” when it comes to dieting and eating in a way that matches your individual needs.
  • How some culture's gut microbiotas, lifestyles, and diets can actually be harmful to other people with a different genetic background.
  • Why you shouldn't be spending hundreds of dollars on gut health testing as your first step towards healing.
  • What you should know about the health claims that some clinics are making without any sound evidence.
  • How being fatigued can be connected to how much you're pooping each week.
  • His self-care practice of listening to music, meditating, and spending time in solitude to reflect and think.
  • How he realized he was burnt out from working too much and what he did to balance out work and his life.
  • What next steps we can take for functional medicine and mental health resources to come together to help people.
  • Research being done by clinical studies – how to weed through all the information and be careful because companies will only share positive findings.
  • What it's like to be in a cryotherapy chamber and why he's added it to his self-care practices.
  • Cannabinoids, plant medicine, adaptogens, herbs, CBD, and hemp – can they help the gut?
  • Why taking the minimal suggested dose is so important when it comes to taking any kind of medicine including cannabis.
  • Why slowing down and take your health step by step and observing changes might just be what you need to do to heal.

Power Quotes From The Show

'There is this connection between the brain and the gut. When you see a problem in the gut, you will almost always see that manifest in the brain. The Enteric Nervous System of the gut is basically your second brain.' - @DrRuscioClick To Tweet

“When it comes to their health, people make things more complicated than they need to be. They overcomplicate things because they hear other tidbits and have a hard time following just one lead. That or they overcomplicate things in the sense of thinking that in order to follow this protocol, they have to do everything perfectly. The biggest thing people can do is to just find a simple system like the one in Healthy Gut, Healthy You, not over-stress, and do their best to go through the process. If you can only follow the protocol for two days instead of three; that's okay. Just do the best you can.” – Dr. Michael Ruscio

“If you're someone on a budget and you're trying to get healthy, then do not spend hundreds of dollars on one of these tests because they really don't deliver on the promise that they're making. It's unfortunate that I have to be blowing the whistle here, but I'd like it if these companies didn't make these pretty lofty health claims when there really isn't any data to support them.” – Dr. Michael Ruscio

“Slow down, do one thing at a time, and realize that to learn what your body needs, you can't do 7 things at once. Do one thing for a few weeks and then move onto the next. Learn to listen to your body and trust what it says.” – Dr. Michael Ruscio

Important Advice for Functional Medicine Patients

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About Dr. Michael Ruscio

Dr. Michael RuscioMichael Ruscio, DC

is a doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author whose practical ideas on healing chronic illness have made him an influential voice in functional and alternative medicine. His research has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals and he speaks at integrative medical conferences across the globe.

Dr. Ruscio’s best-selling book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, has paved the way for a ‘start with the gut’ philosophy which has enabled doctors and patient to obtain improved outcomes with minimal expense and effort.

He is leading the charge to make alternative medicine more affordable, effective and practical, through a pragmatic application of evidence-based therapies. Dr. Ruscio’s ability to objectively analyze medical literature has made him a trusted voice of reason, a voice he shares on his top-rated podcast and website.

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