MANNA Vitality: Freedom From Genetic Prison

David Reed and Brad McDonald are founders of MANNA Vitality.

They have been traveling across the globe for over a decade searching for Fulmic acid and nutrients gathered from both the Earth and the sea, from the highest point and lowest points on the planet, to provide a comprehensive and enhanced mineral therapy.

If there was ever a podcast to go deep into the electrical system in the body, this is the one, my friends!

The Power Of Shilajit + Dead Sea Ormus

Whether you are wanting more energy, longevity, sexual performance, brain performance…

It is safe to say that what I have found and what I am sharing with you today has the potential to transform your life at the most base level.

And I mean that because I have been cultivating this relationship for multiple months and today I am so stoked to bring you this incredible conversation with the co-founders of a company called MANNA Vitality that is redefining the supplement industry.

It's not a supplement, it's a food. It is a foundational electrical system substrate that is going to rock your world.

It has been replacing my coffee for quite some time now and it's such a breakthrough at a time when we really need something like this in the world on a vibrational and nutritional level… now more than ever.

This MANNA with a high concentration of Shilajit and Ormus ocean plasma. We've known about these building blocks for some time but they've always been so challenging and so expensive to Source.

But through Divine intervention, and I do mean divine, you're going to hear and see in this podcast today that David and Brad have been true wellness warriors on the path of providing people what David calls “genetic liberation.”

Concentrated Light, Water + Minerals

Information without emotion and knowledge without compassion + experience are simply just sounds, letters, and numbers…

When you take what you learn today, put it to the test in your life, and commit to 30 or 60 days of a new wellness and health program starting with the building blocks of the electrical system in the body from MANNA, I promise you that this conversation has the spark to change the direction of your life.

In this episode, you'll learn about the meaning of MANNA, how MANNA is light, water, and minerals, that essentially make your body vibrate and produce more light, the natural medicinal value of MANNA Vitality, and how to give your body what it needs while you trust the process.

You will also find out how genetic liberation through this black gold and the powers of Himalayan Shilajit contains 118 atomic structures that are no longer found in soil but are highly concentrated in MANNA.

For all of the men and women listening, this has been known to be a natural fertility booster and testosterone booster. Brad himself shares about his own research and an equals one experiment to naturally raise his testosterone levels without injections. I think you're going to love this podcast

Enjoy MANNA Vitality With 20% Off

Manna VitalityBased on my own multiple-month experience, you are going to absolutely hands down love this MANNA Vitality.

Brad and David are giving all of us such a generous discount on the product: 20% off.

If you knew how hard it was to gather from the highest mountains in the world and the lowest sea on the planet and source them in a package that's easy to use and is good for you, you would pay hundreds of dollars for this but you will pay much much less.

Head over to to save 20% off your entire order.

Pick multiple boxes and share with friends or anyone that's been dealing with low energy or that you can feel is in a challenging time in their life.

The emotional boost through light and building blocks of nutrition found inside the MANNA Vitality truly has the potential to change the very chemical structure in the body so that we can thrive in this lifetime which is our birthright.

We were made to thrive. Let's learn how we can do this with two incredible brothers on today's podcast: David Reed + Brad McDonnell.


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