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Wild Pastures | Beef, Seafood, Pork, Turkey, Chicken

Most beef for sale in grocery stores is industrially raised meat. With grain fed beef you get meat that is fed GMOs and antibiotics and the result is often a poor quality protein source. Many companies are even labeling grain fed beef “grass fed” since the term is largely unregulated and importing it from halfway across the world.

100% grass fed and finished beef ensures you're getting beef that was never fed grains or put on pastures loaded with pesticides and chemicals. Our 100% grass fed beef comes from small scale American family farms using regenerative farming practices to produce the healthiest meat possible.

We are proud to provide our customers with wild-caught seafood that is sustainably caught by American fishermen. Our wild-caught fish offers superior quality to farmed fish and has more flavor and a fresher, lighter taste.

We believe that you should enjoy seafood without guilt, and that's why the fish you purchase from us helps maintain ecological balance without causing overpopulation or destruction of natural habitats. Enjoy delicious seafood knowing that your purchase is helping to support sustainable fishing practices in the USA.

Wild Pastures' pork is truly pasture-raised and never confined, setting it apart from factory-farmed and even “natural” pork. The pigs are are rotationally grazed to fresh pastures every day and are provided with an abundance of natural food sources.

This superior ethical method produces pork that is incredibly healthy, full of flavor and rich in nutrients. It also provides animals with a much more humane environment than they would experience on a factory farm. This way of raising pigs respects the cycle of nature and animal welfare while providing superior quality meat for customers.

Wild Pastures is proud to provide its customers with chicken that is pasture-raised with the utmost care and attention. All of our chickens are raised on pasture, stimulating their natural foraging instincts. This means that not only are they healthier and more nutritious than factory farmed, ‘cage-free' or ‘free-range' chicken, but they also have a much better quality of life than those chicken who spend their lives cramped in cages and poorly taken care of.

Wild Pastures' commitment to healthy, ethically-raised animals results in delicious, flavorful poultry products that can't be beat.

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