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Enhance Thyroid Function

Upgraded Formulas Peak Thyroid

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• Stop unexpected weight gain

• Support fat loss from stubborn areas

• Fall asleep in minutes and stay asleep through the night

• Increase your metabolism and strengthen immune function

• Boost your energy levels

• Improve mood and sense of well-being

• Reduce food cravings

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Upgraded Formulas Peak Thyroid

  • Unique Proprietary Absorption Method
  • 99.99% Absorption Rate
  • Maximum Bioavailability

Peak Thyroid is a blend of four crucial minerals that enhance your thyroid function and metabolism on a cellular level.

Upgraded Formulas Peak Thyroid may be one of the most important mineral blends we can take, Zinc, Iodine, Copper, and Selenium synergistically crafted to support your thyroid for superior functionality.

These four minerals are absorbed in your body at a rate of 99.99% without digestion due to our proprietary Nano Particle Technology.

This powerful combination of higher absorption rates and not needing to be digested means you will feel and see the benefits much quicker.

Most Americans don't get nearly enough of these minerals in their diet. In today's world, we get fewer minerals in our diet because of reduced levels in the soil, inefficiencies in the food chain, and overconsumption of processed food.

Upgraded Formulas Peak Thyroid

(subscriptions do not apply)

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