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Both delicious and seed oil free.

MASA Tortilla Chips

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• ZERO seed oils

• Pesticide-free corn

• Bioavailable nutrients

• Organic

• Easy to digest

MASA tortilla chips are absurdly delicious chips that are inspired by the original tortilla chip recipe!

Made from only 3 ingredients: yellow corn, tallow, and salt… that’s it!

“They are by far the best chips I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten all of the chips. They hold up to even the biggest nacho piles. Stay crunchy. Great salt. Everything about these chips is amazing. I subscribed because they’re so, too. Who TF subscribes to chips? Apparently, I do now because they’re so good.John B.

What Makes MASA Tortilla Chips Better Than Other Chips?

MASA are classic tortilla chips handmade with only three natural ingredients— organic corn, grass-fed tallow, and sea salt. They are 100% seed oil and pesticide-free.

Almost all corn grown in America is sprayed with harmful pesticides, which aren't good for you or the environment. The corn used in MASA tortilla chips is organically grown by small regional farmers, resulting in a chip that is good for both you and the planet.

There are many oils you could make chips with, but only one option stands above the rest: grass-fed beef tallow. MASA uses tallow because it's delicious, non-inflammatory, and full of fat-soluble vitamins. Traditionally used by the best chefs for 100s of years, it is completely natural and unprocessed.

MASA is the first and only tortilla chip fried in beef tallow, and the proof is in the crunch.

To make tortillas the traditional way, you need to turn corn into masa harina using an ancient Central American process called nixtamalization.

MASA‘s tortillas are nixtamalized naturally, the same way the Aztecs did it. This makes the corn easier to digest and the nutrients more bio-available.

MASA Tortilla Chips

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