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Conductive earthing strap to keep your shoes grounded

ertheX Grounding Straps by Earthling3

ertheX Grounding Straps by Earthling3GET YOUR EARTHING STRAPS


• Earthing speeds recovery

• Lessens muscle damage

• Reduces inflammation and pain

• Calms the nervous system

• Normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol

ertheX is the latest in wearable technology for athletes.

It gives you access to more injury-prevention and workout recovery benefits, without the hassle.

No Need to Buy a New Pair of Shoes to Be Grounded!

Sneakers and rubber-soled shoes are considered the least “ground-friendly” footwear on the planet, but the conductive shoe strap provides a simple solution.

The grounding ertheX shoe strap fits all shoes and lets you connect to the healing energies of the Earth whilst you are outside. Relieve electrical tension in your body and improve recovery from athletic performance.

The grounding strap works best on shoes with a smoother sole.

Spaceflex Technology: The revolutionary viscoelastic polymer means ertheX flexes and stretches with your show for high impact and dynamic use.

Lightweight: With gravity-defying weight and 0.25mm thickness, you won't even notice you're wearing it.

Strong: The strength-to-ratio is around 400% greater than the erthe369 strap making it perfect for high-intensity use.


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