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Brrrn Board+

The Benefits of Slide Board Workouts:
+ Improves balance, coordination, bodily awareness and overall athletic performance
+ Tones your core, glutes, and inner/outer thighs
+ Reduces the risk of muscular imbalances and injuries to the back, hips, knees and ankles.
+ Offers a fun, low-impact cardio solution for all ages and fitness levels
+ Can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes

Free YouTube Workouts:
+ Click here to watch and subscribe
+ Offers 10+ categories designed for all fitness levels
+ New classes added every single week

Why The Brrrn Board?
+ Used by 23,000+ people at our Manhattan-based studio from 2018-2020
+ Trusted and beloved by professional and Olympic athletes
+ Made with a chic design and easy-grip handle to conveniently store anywhere
+ Adjusts easily from 6ft to 5ft for kids and first-timers
+ Arrives pre-assembled with accessories and easy-to-follow instructions
+ Designed to be used on all surfaces (i.e. hardwood floors, carpet, outdoor decks)


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