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Brrrn Board+

Brrrn board$100 OFF + ADDITIONAL $15 OFF WITH CODE “JOSH15”


• Improves balance, coordination, bodily awareness, and overall athletic performance

• Tones your core, glutes, and inner/outer thighs

• Reduces the risk of muscular imbalances and injuries to the back, hips, knees, and ankles

• Offers a fun, low-impact cardio solution for all ages and fitness levels

• Can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes

Brrrn has workouts that speak to every body.

From beginner to advanced level classes, Brrrn meets your body where it’s at to help you get closer to your fitness goals—one slide at a time.


Why The Brrrn Board?

The Brrrn Board offers a well-balanced fitness experience that’ll allow you to train your upper body, lower body, and core with just one workout.

And since most traditional fitness equipment (i.e. bikes, rowing machines, treadmills) ignore the ever-so-important side-to-side movements, adding the Brrrn Board to your weekly routine can help you reduce your risk of developing muscular imbalances and chronic injuries to your lower back, hips, and knees.

+ Used by 23,000+ people at our Manhattan-based studio from 2018-2020
+ Trusted and beloved by professional and Olympic athletes
+ Made with a chic design and easy-grip handle to conveniently store anywhere
+ Adjusts easily from 6ft to 5ft for kids and first-timers
+ Arrives pre-assembled with accessories and easy-to-follow instructions
+ Designed to be used on all surfaces (i.e. hardwood floors, carpet, outdoor decks)

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Free YouTube Workouts

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+ Offers 10+ categories designed for all fitness levels
+ New classes added every single week

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