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Paleo–a little word with a BIG meaning. A better life, better food, better love and better health; all wrapped up in a slice of crispy bacon.

I finished reading Diane Sanfilippo’s book PRACTICAL PALEO this week. Two words- I’m Hungry!

After the past 8+ years in the fitness and wellness community, I was sure I’d seen the best of what paleo cooking had to offer. That was until, I got the bomb dropped on me from BALANCED BITES.

Little did I know that my world would be turned upside down, right around like a record baby, and shook up from the ground. (Cue  catchy song here)

The way in which Diane writes is from the heart, straight outta mom’s kitchen and with the best ingredients money can’t buy. I say can’t because you can’t actually buy LOVE at the local co-op; you have to feel it to add it in. Oh yeah, she recommends the best food you can purchase as well, with easy to read color charts listing the fact vs. fiction about free-range, local, and what “organic” really means.

Speaking of love, I literally LOVED reading this book, in which my friends (#teamlove) and I made the “Cumin Spiced Pork Tenderloin With Root Vegetables” from page 328 and had to wear a baby bib over my shirt like I was 5 again; sensory overload makes fork control difficult.

From novice to a neophyte, Diane explains from A to Z how to eat clean, why to eat clean, what happens physiologically if you don’t eat clean, and dives deep into the onion. She peels back the layers on what we now know to be paleolithic nutrition and unfolds a bevy of recipes, flow charts, graphics, full page photos, inspirational stories and motivational phrases that do more than just make you want to eat the very book itself on your way to the farmers market in your bare feet.

I truly can’t say enough great things about Practical Paleo. Not only will I personally be eating more parsnips from now on (thanks for that Diane, I’d never had them before!) but I’ll be sure to have more dinner parties to impress my guests on how to eat like a millionaire; the way nature intended.

Ok, enough typing. I’m off to make “Chocolate Coconut Cookies” from page 394. Whether you’re a nutritional veteran or a beginner trying to ween off Cheetos, this book will be your new best friend.

It’ll hang around your house all the time, you’ll want to text it when your at work about what you should eat from the coffee cart, and when you get home all you’ll wanna do is lay around with it and eat real food.

The world of paleo from the peak of nutritional amazingness.

So easy even YOU can do it. (Thanks to Diane)

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Practical Paleo

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