Is Past Life Regression Therapy Right For You?

Whatever your opinion on reincarnation is, a number of religious sects—from Buddhism, to Hinduism, and Sikhism—and ancient cultures believe that even when humans die, their souls will continue to exist.

Such is the basis for past life regression (PLR) therapy, which allows you to unearth your past and understand where you are in your current life path. This form of therapy aims to ‘right the wrongs’ through self-discovery and, in some cases, transformation.  

Read on to understand how past life regression therapy works and if it’s right thing for you, especially if you’ve been experiencing sudden and unexplainable issues. 


What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

In psychology, regression refers to the retracing of a past behavior. PLR traces its roots to this principle, which aims to find out how your present is affected by your past life or previous deeds. Hence, past life regression is built upon two fundamental principles—reincarnation and karma. 

Reincarnation is the belief that when a person leaves the world, only the physical component perishes while the soul is reborn several times until it reaches the state of full enlightenment. This means that a person should continue to learn about his or her current life and the past to attain a higher level of consciousness.

Karma, on the other hand, is simply the concept of cause and effect. It’s rooted in the belief that what you do today will affect your present and future. Hence, it’s important to understand who you are and what you did in your past lives to understand why you’re having specific experiences in the present.

Since a human being’s wholeness is composed partly of its past lives, strange occurrences, sudden memories, or a sense of déjà vu can happen intermittently to some. Past life regression therapy aims to access these memories buried deep in one’s subconscious, in order to determine and understand where a person is coming from. PLR then tries to help you address these issues.


What Happens In Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy involves a form of hypnosis or a deep state of relaxation, as facilitated by the past life regressor. Once a patient has achieved this state, the regressor, facilitator, or therapist leads you to cross over toward your past lives. Humans are believed to carry any evidence of their past lives emotionally, psychologically, or physically. It’s the transgressor’s task to guide their patient in accessing them by asking specific questions.

These questions may include what the patient is seeing or feeling while in this relaxed, hypnotized state. As you carry your conversation with the therapist, he or she will interpret your memories and try to construct your past lives. The regressor pieces these and your present together to make sense of what’s happening to you.


Who’ll Benefit From This Type of Therapy?

Discovering your past may do more than just pave the way to healing you or give you peace of mind. Afterall, PLR therapy is perceived as a holistic healing approach that addresses physical, emotional, and psychological problems. Anecdotal evidence suggests it can help the following conditions:


  • Persons with inexplicable chronic health issues
  • Individuals with unexplainable phobias
  • Those with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Persons who want to know their life path 
  • People who want to understand and address their traumas
  • Those interested to know if they can become a healer
  • Persons who think they ‘ran out of luck’ 


These symptoms or experiences are only few of the many real-life situations that past life regression therapy tries to address. Generally, this type of therapy gives meaning to all the inexplicable experiences, reactions, and situations in your life. And understanding where you’re coming from could help you overcome these issues.


What To Expect From Past Life Regression Therapy  

While undergoing therapy, expect a release of negative energy from your past lives—one that’s currently blocking you from moving forward or generating unfavorable behavior. This negativity is replaced by positive vibes and energy that helps transform you. To some people, though, simply knowing how their past lives impact their current existence is liberating enough.

Hearing the word ‘therapy’ makes you think that this aims to correct something that’s wrong. But here’s where people can be mistaken. PLR can also be used to remind you of the happiness you felt in your past life, reminding you to harness this positivity in your current life.


What Are The Benefits Of Past Life Regression Therapy? 

Apart from facilitating a deeper understanding of yourself, PLR therapy may help you with the following:

  • Removing Life Barriers: Because of the clarity it provides, PLR helps you remove the mental and emotional blockages you’ve been experiencing. This can help you appreciate your life experiences better. PLR can understand the things that stop you and help you let go of the things holding you back.

  • Experiencing Self-Love: Some people are too hard on themselves for one reason or another. As you gain understanding of how your life evolved through PLR, you’ll be able to give yourself more credit. 

  • Peace of Mind: Most of us turn to science to explain everything. But in instances where science can’t seem to provide a rational explanation, PLR may help fill in the gaps. For instance, a person who suffered from abuse in a past life could experience inexplicable trauma in his or her current life. Knowing what happened in the past can help the person understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how.’

  • Improved Relationships: The things that we do and say deeply affect the person we love, and this is something that we’re not always aware of. Undergoing PLR gives an individual a chance to have self-awareness and introspection, which often helps transform our thoughts and behavior.

  • Better Control Over One’s Life: Armed with knowledge of your past lives and how it affects your current life, you’ll have better control over your decisions and actions, steering your life toward a better life path.


Where Can You Get A Past Life Regression Therapy?

It’s best to look for a certified PLR therapist or practitioner, if you’re doing it for the first time. There are online courses being offered, if you’re interested in becoming one.    

You have a choice to do the session in the comfort of your home, although most practitioners prefer to do it in their own therapy room, which of course, is free from distractions and provides a comfortable and soothing environment. Be aware, though, each hour per session can cost you anywhere from USD$65 to USD$200. 

The Wrap-Up 

If you’re facing unexplained emotional and physical issues, consider embarking on a past life regression therapy. As a form of therapy, it attempts to uncover and identify your past lives and helps you address your hidden issues.

As you gain a better understanding of your past, you’ll become more open to change. And this path to self-improvement can help transform your present to carve out a better future.  


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  1. Its fascinating reading your article when you discuss past life regression. Thanks for sharing that regression refers to the retracing of past behavior. PLR traces its roots to this principle, which aims to determine how your present is affected by your past life or previous deeds. A past life regression is built upon two fundamental principles—reincarnation and karma.
    Reincarnation is the belief that only the physical component perishes when a person leaves the world. At the same time, the soul is reborn several times until it reaches the state of full enlightenment.

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