8 Reasons to Become a Nurse

8 Reasons to Become a NurseThere has been a significant increase in the importance of the nursing profession in the past two years. It has become one of the most sought-after occupations since the pandemic's beginning.

Nurses' undying efforts and courage in times of need have labeled them as heroes. They are indeed the heroes and backbone of the healthcare system.

If you are thinking of joining their ranks, this article is for you. In the write-up, we will give eight reasons why you should become a nurse.

Without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

1) Job security and growth

The amount of job growth and security of a career determines how successful and lucrative it is.

According to BLS, a 9% increase in the demand for registered nurses is expected by 2030. Over the decade, around 194500 openings for registered nurses are available each year. The statistics show that nursing is a career that will always remain in demand.

It is no news that there remains a shortage of nurses in the healthcare sector. The nurse-to-patient ratio never stays in balance. You can get hold of this opportunity and start your career as a nurse.

2) There is no limit to learning

If you are someone who loves to acquire knowledge, nursing is the right field for you. There is a constant need for new experiences and skills in this field. For instance, if you are a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you can easily opt for the fastest LPN to RN program. After that, you can even go further and become a nurse practitioner, director of nursing, and Chief Nursing Officer.

There are no limits to studying and growth when you are a nurse. An advantage of this field is that it keeps you away from boredom and monotony. With newer diseases come new challenges and opportunities for growth.

3) Plethora of job opportunities

A common belief is that nurses are required only in public hospitals where the patient inflow is high. However, there are many places other than public hospitals for nurses to be employed.

Suppose you are worried about handling the pressure of a public hospital. In that case, you can apply for a job in a private clinic or hospital, or if you are good at managing children, there are plenty of job opportunities for school nurses.

In addition, you can opt to work in elderly home care. Hence, contrary to popular belief, a nurse has many job opportunities and options from which they can choose.

4) Salary

Most people estimate how much they will earn in a specific career path before settling for it. It is no surprise that nursing is a highly paid job. In 2021, registered nurses earned a median annual salary of $75330. The earnings varied between specialized nurses because of their skills and knowledge.

The highest-paid nurses include nurse anesthetists ($181000), neonatal nurse practitioners ($125000), and cardiac nurse practitioners ($114000). These salaries show that nursing is a promising career path.

In addition, travel nursing is another well-paid position which is considered both rewarding and adventurous. Nevertheless, nurses who consider only the financial aspect of this job should keep in mind that the travel nurse's salary varies depending on the position, working hours, and location. So, it would be better to check all the requirements to know how much does a travel nurse make in a particular state.

5) Sense of satisfaction and fulfillment

There is no doubting the fact that nursing requires emotional exertion. It can be mentally draining to see patients fighting illnesses every day. However, it is equally rewarding to witness improvement or complete recovery.

The appreciation your patients give you for your efforts and hard work overshadows all the negatives. The relationships you build with your patients are unmatched.

The nursing profession is the perfect way to help humanity and give back to the society that nurtured you into who you are today.

6) Access to online programs

Owing to the pandemic, educational intuitions have gone virtual. Institutes have realized the need to offer online or hybrid programs.

There are uncountable online nursing courses for both general and specialized degrees. These programs are not only easily accessible but also very affordable.

If you are a practicing nurse with a general degree, you can manage to polish your profile even further by completing an online specialization degree. The online mode of education saves you extra costs and is easy to manage with your working schedule.

7) Flexible employment schedule

The flexibility of your job depends on where you choose to work since a very flexible schedule may not be possible for a public hospital nurse due to the existing shortage. However, if you work in a private clinic or a rehab center, you will have a fixed number of days and time to work.

Choosing the setting, you like, or that complements your personality is recommended to ensure you give your all while performing your nursing duties.

8) Challenging

Desk jobs are both monotonous and boring. Nursing is a career that keeps you on your feet. You tend to patients all day, each one with a different health issue. Doing this along with your team makes every day a challenge.

All the running and moving might tire you out sometimes, but you will never doze like you would do sitting in your office and looking at your computer’s screen.


It is safe to say that nursing is a career that can be both physically and mentally draining. Your struggle begins from the moment you decide to study nursing to when you retire. Loads of expectations from this occupation put even higher pressure on nurses to perform well. However, it can be said that nursing remains one of the most stable careers with a steady income.

There is a job opening for every fresh graduate. With a growing aging population, the demand is set to rise even further. Newer technology and digitalization have made nursing a more lucrative career.

The constant growth in this industry is bound to bring more innovation and ease to nursing. Whether it is money you are looking for or inner satisfaction, nursing will cater to all your needs.

Hope you enjoyed the article and got the gist of why you should become a nurse – as it is one of the most stable and rewarding professions one can choose.


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