5 Career Options to Pursue if You Love Other Humans

5 Career Options to Pursue if You Love Other HumansYour career might be one of the most important choices you make. While not everyone finds inspiration and meaning in their careers, it certainly helps if you actively enjoy the job you do every day. As a people person, you'll want something that relies on heavy interaction with others — staying in the back might not be your favorite thing!

Try out these careers to determine whether they're right for you. You might just find your true calling.

1. Event Planner

If you love people, you’re happiest when others are happy, too. An event planner is there to witness all the highs and lows of important days. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and more all have the capability of being one of the most touching events you've ever seen.

As the planner, you'll be the go-to person who handles everyone's stress so they can enjoy their big day. The market size of this industry is around $4 billion in the U.S. alone, meaning this steadily growing career might be right for any extrovert who's excited to make every celebration the best possible one.

2. Flight Attendant

When you think of careers that involve people, this one might not be the first that comes to mind. However, being a flight attendant is an excellent option for an outgoing individual who wants to see the world. When you're off the clock, you can explore new sights. When you're working, you'll be paid for what you love doing most — helping people!

You'll be on your feet for much of this job, which means you may meet your standing goal for the day in a single shift. While there isn't much space to stay active in the cabin of an airplane, you still get your exercise in by walking around the airport and seeing the sights of your destinations.

At the same time, you'll also help passengers learn the ins and outs of travel, like teaching them about extra fees for an airline or helping them understand what's on the in-flight menu. It can be a rewarding career if you want to see the world while lending a hand to others.

3. Personal Caregiver

5 Career Options to Pursue if You Love Other HumansIt takes a huge heart to take care of other people. If you think nursing people back to health and caring for them is your calling, consider becoming a personal caregiver. You'll spend time with people who need your help and may develop a friendship with the person you look after. Typically, personal caregivers work with older adults whose movement might be limited.

If you're a patient person with a gentle side, you might be able to give someone the strength and inspiration they need by acting as their caregiver. By caring for them and ensuring they have good hygiene, you might even help them feel like some of their independence has returned.

4. Firefighter

Sometimes helping people requires a lot of bravery. If you think yourself courageous, you may want to become a firefighter. Firefighters have to be able to think on their feet and quickly assess a situation while boldly charging into some of the most dangerous situations you've ever seen. Your actions could mean that someone lives an extra day. Saving lives is a difficult job, but it's one that many people feel called to do.

Around 70% of firefighters are volunteers, but you can still make a career out of helping people. As a firefighter, you must have excellent communication skills and compassion for people who may have lost everything. After a house fire, you might be the first contact a grieving individual makes. It requires a lot of empathy and bravery on your part, but it might be a rewarding job worth looking into.

5. Teacher

If you love working with kids, you'll enjoy being a teacher. While many teachers are underpaid and underappreciated, the difference they make in students' lives is unmatched. Did you ever have a teacher who believed in you and encouraged you? Most people can think of at least one teacher they had that influenced their lives for the better.

Working as a teacher can inspire you to make a difference in kids' lives. Plus, being a teacher has all sorts of great perks — like not necessarily having to work throughout the summer, leaving you with more time to be active and enjoy the outdoors. Around 85% of teachers plan to have a pension, which is like a retirement program, but better, as it means you keep gaining the same income after retirement.

Find Your Calling in Your Work

If you love people, your calling might be to make a difference in as many lives as possible. These careers can have you looking toward the future while helping people in the present. It takes a strong person to care for others in several of the ways listed, but these jobs are more than that — they're a test of your strength and ways to widen your worldviews. They're definitely worth checking out if you think you could make a living by being a people person.


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