4 Tough Tasks That Are Instant Confidence Boosters

4 Tough Tasks That Are Instant Confidence BoostersSome people shy away from social connections because they are not confident in themselves. Confidence is a massive trait that for some people can be tough to achieve. But you must remember that if you're looking to boost your confidence, it will have a wide-ranging impact on your life, from personal growth to enhancing relationships and even opening professional doors. So let's show you some empowering activities that can help you in so many different ways.

Teaching or Public Speaking

This can feel like you've been thrown to the wolves, but it's an amazing opportunity to articulate your thoughts clearly and engage with your audience. In a working environment, you can undergo facilitator training, as well as public speaking workshops, to help you push through the insecurities you have about yourself. Being in front of an audience is one of those things that can be incredibly intimidating but is like a drug. The more you do it, the more you share your knowledge, and the more you see your self-assurance grow.

Positive Self-Talk

Lots of people, particularly people like Tony Robbins live by telling themselves they can do something. Pay attention to your self-talk first and see what negative thoughts are there, and the key is about making sure that you gradually replace these negative thoughts with more positive affirmations. Start by listing your strengths and achievements and let these become part of the background noise bubbling away in your brain. Many people also use this in conjunction with mindfulness and meditation, but even if you're not particularly spiritual, positive self-talk on a scientific level is an amazing way to retrain the brain because your brain is unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

Dressing Confidently

Similar to positive self-talk, having a collection of clothes that make you look good and, therefore, translate to feeling good will have a significant impact on your confidence. Choosing things that reflect your personal style and empower you is one thing, but also remember that you should have the posture to go along with it. There's an amazing TED talk by Amy Cuddy about the power of posture. It's those things that our parents always told us to do: sit up, don't slouch, and when we project ourselves as confident, this makes us a far better communicator. Remember it's not purely about what you say but about how you look and how you sound, more so.


Visualization is another fast set that is infinitely fascinating. We need to reinforce our belief in ourselves, and this is why affirmations and visualizations can help us to see our goals clearer. Lots of people use the Law of Attraction as a way to manifest their goals and dreams. But even if you don't achieve your goals, when you picture yourself on a regular basis being confident, this will slowly filter into the subconscious.

Confidence is a skill, and it can certainly be cultivated over time. You are never set in your ways; there's always room for growth, and as neuroplasticity becomes key to understanding how connections between the synapses in the brain can help you learn something new at any age, there is no telling what you can achieve, especially if you want to be more confident.


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