14 Springtime Drinks to Indulge In This Year

14 Springtime Drinks to Indulge In This YearSpring has sprung — flowers are popping up everywhere, and the trees are bursting open little green buds. It’s time to toast the season with a delicious drink. Every parent has different demands on their time and wide-ranging interests and tastes, so this list is as varied as all of you. Choose one of these amazing drinks for your next date night, hosted party or alone time. No judgment here.

Spring Alcoholic Drinks

Whether you need some inspiration for your next night out or you’re hosting a get-together, these drinks have you covered.

1.    Matcha Gin Sour

This delightful drink looks and tastes like springtime. Its brilliant green hue, earthy taste of matcha and citrus zing from the lemon will have your senses soaring.

2.    Rosé Wine Spritzer

A rosé wine spritzer is a simple drink with a low alcohol content, so you can indulge and still be ready to handle any late-night emergencies, like nightmares and bedwetting. Whip up this light pink treat with your favorite rosé wine, club soda and ice.

3.    Honey Rose Old Fashioned

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned? It’s, well, an old-fashioned staple. This recipe modifies the traditional components into something quintessentially spring, featuring a rose tea honey simple syrup and apple bitters.

4.    Strawberry Shortcake Mimosa

The strawberry shortcake mimosa is a twist on two classics. You get the traditional champagne in a flute but mixed with strawberry ice cream and cake-flavored vodka to pull it all together.

5.    Lavender Paloma

The lavender paloma looks and tastes fantastic. It’s the perfect refresher to match the season. Enjoy flavors of lavender, grapefruit and a hint of sugary sweetness.

Family-Friendly Springtime Drinks

14 Springtime Drinks to Indulge In This YearWant all the flavor without the headache the next morning? Try one of these delicious mocktails or refreshing drinks.

6.    Pink Rhubarb Punch

Rhubarb is a tasty springtime addition to any recipe. Whip up a batch of this pink punch at your next gathering. With additional ingredients like strawberry gelatin and pineapple juice, kids and adults alike won’t be able to resist the fruity fun.

7.    Cotton Candy Drink

You only need two ingredients for this super sweet tasty treat. Your kids will love it, and deep down, you know you will too. Each sip brings back memories of spring carnivals and childhood. So, go ahead and enjoy a cup or two. These calories don’t count.

8.    Lavender Lemonade

As temperatures begin to rise, you can once again bring out your favorite warm-weather drink — lemonade. This recipe is better than any old powder option. Make the real deal with lemon juice, water and a simple syrup infused with lavender.

Spring Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are parenting staples, packed full of antioxidants and much-needed caffeine. All of these concoctions sing spring and will keep you going all day.

9.    Oat Milk Honey Latte

This season is more than sunshine and clear skies. Give this coffee recipe a try on those days darkened by spring showers. The honey and oat milk will help you cozy in on dreary mornings.

10.         Coconut Bubble Tea

You only need a handful of ingredients to pull off this concoction. Once you know how to make this drink, you’ll want to add the fun boba balls to other beverages — and your kids will be begging for some.

11.         Lavender Earl Grey Frappuccino

This spring drink livens up the cozy earl grey and lavender flavors by sweetening it with honey and blending it into a frozen delight. Top it all off with homemade honey vanilla whipped cream. The recipe makes two servings, so you can share with your partner or keep the goodness for yourself.

Springtime Smoothies

Springtime boasts a renewal in nature — plants and animals coming to life again. Honor that by enriching your diet with these delicious and healthy smoothie recipes made from nature’s bounty.

12.         Blueberry Coconut Layered Smoothie

With its fun layered appearance, your family will never realize you’re giving them something healthy to drink. Sweet coconut, protein-rich Greek yogurt and anti-oxidant-filled blueberries make this an unforgettable treat.

13.         Carrot Apple Smoothie

This smoothie recipe packs a sensory punch. Carrots give the whole thing an unbelievable orange color, while Honeycrisp apples, ginger and turmeric add incredible flavor.

14.         Super Mint Green Smoothie

Here’s another colorful option, perfect for spring with its bright green hue. The mint, banana and sweet dates will help cover up the taste of less favorable ingredients like avocado and spinach. You can sip this tasty treat and delight in knowing your family is getting their daily dose of greens.

Find Your Perfect Indulgence

Spring is the time to indulge in overly sweet or refreshing flavors. Think florals and natural tastes like honey and fresh garden picks. You can sip on your favorite mixed drink, down the coffee like it’s your life’s blood, try a sweet mocktail or boost your health with a smoothie. The choice is up to you. Try one or try them all. Just don’t let the season pass you by without treating yourself a little.


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