Will Running In The Rain Make You Sick?

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Will Running In The Rain Make You Sick?

Rain today.

When it’s wet outside, people tend to want to stay indoors while making something warm; passing the time sitting still to hear nothing but drops on window panes.

Numerous studies show that running in the rain may be deleterious to your health, but what is true risk vs. reward when compared to sitting and doing nothing?

It’s a rare gift that in the rush of a workday, some make the time to stop and actually feel the rain on their bare skin. It comes as a reminder, with it’s comforting sound and cool touch, of how small we are and how much we need it sometimes.

The rain pours down, giving the gift of variety while snapping the mind out of malaise. It slows our cars, minds, and production.

Rain is a lot like health.

We respect that we need both to thrive, but in the past 50 years, healthy exercise behavior has become something that the majority of people try to avoid just like the rain; it represents an inconvenient truth when stacked next to their daily responsibilities.

Much like when the rain drops touch skin for the first time, the unconscious soul may only be aware of health’s true status when it grabs the attention in the form of concerning blood test results or even as a reminder of neglect after injury. As life progresses and responsibilities grow, internal dialogue begins to poke that soul… softly at first, and then much harder, to ask if one is really living a fulfilled life or just simply waiting for the rain to stop?

High and dry, some Americans hide themselves from the painful drops of depression by using umbrellas made from medications, alcohol, social status, careers, possessions, and quests for bigger bank accounts beyond what is necessary to live well. Eventually, this dry-life can be such a distraction that one might not be even able to remember the last time they stopped and laid on their back just to breathe.

Then comes the rain.

It breaks through months or even years of drought instantly, and everyone and everything under it’s power are forced to adjust regardless of a schedule. It’s amazing to see a surrenderer running out in the rain who smiles, jumps in the puddles, and isn’t thinking about being safe and dry.

There is no study needed to research as to why the water feels wet, if it has any antioxidant value, and if it is safe to breath.

They just want to feel ALIVE.

In the mid-day rush, some might watch these rain-seekers from inside a car, possibly saying to themselves that they’re too busy to get wet and would never jump around in the rain. Besides, they just bought a brand new pair of $130.00 Pumas.

Clarity: Do less “work.” Go for a run in the rain.

I’m not saying to ignore a quest for wealth. I’m just putting this message out with the intention of reaching someone who needs to be reminded, just like the rain reminded me, that if we really want to progress in being the best versions of ourselves, we have to strive for balance. Its only through balance that we can have the energetic and physical capacity to be able to be strong in ourselves, and in turn, strong for others.

With that balanced energy present, doors can then open that light a path towards a clear purpose. Before we can ever help others, we must have a connection to that purpose in ourselves. Unbalanced, the connection to the power can temporarily switch off, but we must trust that it won’t ever vanish as long as we’re aware of it’s source.

When compared to a new car or a new pair of shoes, something we do selflessly to help another person has unlimited value.

Inevitably, our balance guides us to the right path, even if  ignored for awhile.

The state of our mind is essentially only ultimate control we’ll ever have. It’s our responsibility to be honest about where we are, why we do what do in our lives, and most importantly how balanced we are.

All of us need to stop running at times so we remember what it feels like to walk. This machine we’ve come to know is overheating, and there won’t be a happy ending unless it cools down. The pace of relentless production and the diminishing health in our country is the true root of sickness. That sickness has nothing to do with running in the rain.

Rain can start in an instant, challenging the comfort of those who need it most. Letting the rain come down without fighting it is the best thing we can ever do.

Caring for others, after truly caring about our own health, I believe will change this world.

Health is not what you say or who you are; health is something you do.

Thanks rain, I needed you today.

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Will Running In The Rain Make You Sick?

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