What Are the Most Commonly Used Delta 8 THC Products, and What Are Their Benefits?

What Are the Most Commonly Used Delta 8 THC Products, and What Are Their Benefits?So, you want to see what all the fuss about delta 8 products is but have no idea where to start? That’s perfectly natural. After all, it’s a fairly new cannabinoid on the market and there aren’t nearly as many options as with delta 9.

One of the main reasons why delta 8 products are deemed awesome by so many people is that they give you a milder high than when you use weed. Mary Jane is all about the delta 9 THC. While it can have many cool effects, it can also get you high as a kite. If you’ve ever smoked moon rocks you know what I’m talking about.

With delta 8 THC, the high is about half as potent. So, you should, in theory at least, be able to enjoy it without getting totally baked. Below, I introduce some of the delta 8 products on the market, so you can see if any of them are worth your while. 

A Little More on Delta 8

There isn’t a massive degree of research into D8. There are, however, studies that compare it with D9. It seems as if delta 8 could provide many of the same medical benefits as delta 9, without the same level of high. This is great news for anyone who feels as if the marijuana high is a little strong. No one wants to feel discombobulated, especially when they have to go to work!

You will find delta 8 in the Cannabis sativa plant, but only in tiny amounts. There isn’t nearly enough of it to justify expensive extraction. Thus, manufacturers use CBD from hemp and the magic of chemistry to transform it into delta 8 products.

Another amazing thing about D8 is that the cannabinoid is actually federally legal. If it comes from hemp and has a maximum of 0.3% THC, you’re good to go. The problem is that the industry has hardly any regulation, so there’s a host of crummy delta 8 products out there. That’s part of the reason why a bunch of states have banned it. So, before you try to buy D8, make sure it’s legal in your state. I’m not taking the blame if you end up in an orange jumpsuit!

What Delta 8 Products Are Available?

Vaping remains a thing so there’s plenty of D8 vaping products. They offer a convenient way to get mildly high on the move and you can kind of measure how much you’re using. Also, the effects hit you quickly so it’s a nice option if you’re using delta 8 to deal with pain. The problem is that there’s a USPS ban on shipping vaping products, so a lot of sites have taken their delta 8 vapes off the shelves.

Tinctures are another option. You use them as you would CBD oil. This means placing a few drops beneath the tongue, and holding them there for about 60 seconds before swallowing. Tinctures give you some control over dosage, although they’re far from perfect. Also, you should feel the effects within a few minutes. If you want, you can add them to food or drink if you don’t like the texture or the taste of the oil.

A lot of people see edibles as their favorite delta 8 products. They’re usually available in gummy form and the fruity taste is lovely. You know how much D8 you’re getting in each piece and they’re a fine way to secretly take the cannabinoid. But you need to wait up to two hours (depending on the person) for it to have an effect. Capsules are just like gummies but don’t have a taste.

You should do your delta 8 shop at PureKana. This respected CBD brand has plenty of choices for the discerning D8 lover. 

There Are Enough Delta 8 Products Around

While there isn’t a massive variety of delta 8 products to choose from, you should have enough to get started. If you want fast effects, stick with vaping products, that is, if you can find anyone to sell them! Tinctures give a nice balance between affordability and fast effects, while edibles taste great but take a while to have noticeable effects. 



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