Top 5 Reasons Why Autoimmune Protocol Hasn’t Worked For You

Paleo is one of the best ways to achieve better health and physical wellbeing. It helps people overhaul their poor nutritional habits by focusing on real foods and feeling their best with a diet that truly fuels their bodies. It doesn’t just keep you away from unhealthy foods that cause digestive distress and other conditions but also helps in healing your gut and reducing inflammation in the body. However, the autoimmune protocol needs a closer look at too.

Top 5 Reasons Why Autoimmune Protocol Hasn’t Worked For YouWhile many people on the Autoimmune protocol see life-changing results in just a few months of their AIP protocol, others may find it difficult working for them. For this, you need to dig deeper into the cause why it isn’t working for you. Here are the most common reasons why the AIP diet may not be working for you:

1. You are not 100% compliant with AIP diet guidelines:

Everything in moderation may work for healthy individuals but certainly not for people suffering from chronic diseases. You have to understand the fact that, the foods which are restricted in the AIP protocol are those that are inflammatory and you need to avoid them.

Once you have removed these foods from your diet your gut starts to heal gradually. While on this process, indulging even in small amounts of AIP restricted foods may prevent your gut from healing and you will never achieve completely satisfying results.

The AIP diet can feel restrictive and hard to stick with but keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a long-term plan as in time you can reintroduce foods.

2. You have not given enough time for the AIP diet:

Top 5 Reasons Why Autoimmune Protocol Hasn’t Worked For YouThe AIP diet must be followed strictly for at least 30 days without any disruptions before reintroducing non-AIP-friendly foods. For some people, it can take years and decades to see the optimum results. A healthy lifestyle coupled with routine physical activity and a strict AIP diet plan rewards you with promising results.

Continue to follow the AIP diet until you see a better control in the symptoms that you hope to alleviate.

3. You have not boosted your nutrient density in your AIP diet:

Many people focus more on the food they have to eliminate such as dairy foods, seeds, grains, nightshades, legumes from their diet rather than those they should include. Though the foods mentioned do need to be strictly avoided and ensuring you consume nutrient-dense foods such as fatty fish, organ meats, bone broth, fermented foods, and plenty of vegetables to meet the nutritional requirements are even more important.

Food quality along with sourcing contribute greatly towards nutrient density. So always consider local and organic foods along with animal meats & fats that are fed properly (i.e.: grass-fed, free-range, etc.).

4. You have not properly addressed your lifestyle factors:

Top 5 Reasons Why Autoimmune Protocol Hasn’t Worked For YouNot just excluding inflammatory and toxic foods is the main goal of the AIP protocol, you must also consider lifestyle and environmental factors. An adequate amount of sleep must be achieved for an average adult and perhaps more if you continue to feel tired.

Exposure to environmental toxins, chronic endurance training, and usage of hormonal or birth control pills and other certain medications show a negative impact on gut health. Even if you are following the AIP protocol strictly healing won’t take place unless you take the necessary steps addressed with problematic lifestyle factors.

5. You have not dug deeper into underlying health factors:

Autoimmune disorders are complex and as they are more fully understood they can be more effectively addressed from case to case. Bacterial or low-level chronic viral infections must be addressed before significant healing. This requires testing and treatment along with the prescribed medications.
A proper diet plan, physical activity, and an addition of 100% AIP-friendly Protein supplements can help you achieve great results that will make you feel better.

Wrap Up

Oh, wait! We forgot to tell you that AIP Protocol Supplements can do miracles especially for people suffering from autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune protocol supplements help in eliminating inflammation in the body and relieve symptoms associated with autoimmune disorders. Combine AIP supplements in your diet along with physical activity to start seeing unbelievable results.

Autoimmune Health & Nutrition offers 100% AIP compliant AIP diet protein supplements formulated with ingredients such as grass-fed beef collagen, organic broccoli, organic apple fiber, organic carrot to name a few. Our AIP supplements are totally safe to use without any side effects and are available in three delicious flavors. Trying one is worth it for positive results!


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