The Importance of Self-Care for Students

The Importance of Self-Care for StudentsStudying in school, college, or university, students most often devote 100% of their energy and commitment to studying. They hear from the others (and also think so themselves) that grades and academic success are the most important things they should care about during this time. As a result, while acquiring an education, especially in college, students never really put themselves first, which often leads to not-so-great results in all spheres of life.

What’s the problem with this?

Although proper self-care might feel like a waste of time when you are in college, the truth is that it’s not. You can’t do well in something when you don’t feel well yourself. And that’s only a part of the reason. Read on, and you will learn why self-care is so important for students.

Reason 1: Self-Care Protects Your Mental Health

Constant lack of time, hefty academic load, and other typical attributes of college always put a lot of stress and pressure on students. Trying to keep up with everything and not paying enough attention to one’s mental well-being eventually leads to burnout and other mental health problems like depression, anxiety, etc. All these things can affect your ability to study and do your schoolwork. But proper self-care can help.

It has been numerously proven that regular self-care minimizes stress levels and helps cope with anger, frustration, depression, and anxiety. As a result, a student who devotes enough time to self-care starts living a happier life and stays protected from mental issues.

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Reason 2: Self-Care Protects Your Physical Health

Despite the common belief, self-care isn’t necessarily a set of complex and unusual rituals. For the biggest part, it consists of very basic things like getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, exercising, eating healthy food, etc. All these things help ensure one’s overall physical well-being. But as you probably know, students often tend to give up on those things for the sake of academic success.

If you have the same approach, it’s time to change it. Even basic but regular self-care can significantly affect your physical health. It will help your body and brain function properly and will also protect you from a wide range of health issues. As a result, feeling healthy and happy, you will be able to perform at the top of your abilities at college, at work, and in any other sphere of life.

Reason 3: Self-Care Is Crucial for Your Academic Performance

The Importance of Self-Care for StudentsDo you think you can nail the finals when your head is pounding? Or do you believe it is possible to write a compelling essay when you haven’t been sleeping enough? The answer to both should be no. Although many students ignore this, it is proven that one’s brain function and, thus, academic performance depend a lot on physical and mental health. Therefore, self-care is crucial for your success in college.

Not taking good care of yourself can lead to a variety of illnesses, as well as mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression. All these health conditions interfere with one’s day-to-day life and make it nearly impossible to succeed in any activity. Therefore, it is crucial to put yourself first at all times.

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Reason 4: Lack of Self-Care Can Be Costly

Lastly, there is one more reason why self-care is so important for modern students. It will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

As was already mentioned, self-care affects both your mental and physical health. And it also affects different spheres of your life, including your studies and job (if you have one). Therefore, not taking good care of yourself can lead to a wide array of issues, including low productivity at work, poor academic performance, illnesses, etc. All these negative consequences can be rather costly. Therefore, self-care is not an option but rather a necessity!

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The Bottom Line

Self-care begins with simple things like being physically active, getting enough sleep, and eating properly, and can extend to other, more complex rituals like meditation, stress-management practices, etc. But one way or another, it is crucial for one’s well-being, health, and success. 

Now, you should have a better idea of why regular self-care is so important for college students. And you can start doing something good for yourself. Start with the basics, then create your own rituals and stick to them to live your best life!


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