The Importance Of Modeling Good Healthcare To Our Children

The Importance Of Modelling Good Healthcare To Our ChildrenAs parents, it's our job to teach our children to become resilient, capable adults; modeling good healthcare is one way of doing this. There are various ways of doing this, from eating a good diet to facing fears regarding medical professionals. Children are sponges taking in everything they see and hear, so although, as adults, we can't be perfect, we can be mindful that modeling good healthcare has a lasting impact on the next generation.

Basic Hygiene

Primary healthcare starts at home, so it is the first place children will start learning how to look after themselves. Simple tasks like brushing teeth twice daily and washing hands before meals are easy to overlook in young children. They squirm and fight, and how clean are they actually getting anyway? While they may not be getting especially clean early on, reinforcing these habits makes it easier in the long run. Because, let's face it, no one likes a stomach bug passed on by improperly washed hands.

Ease Phobias

No sensible parent enjoys seeing their child upset or frightened, which can sometimes lead to children not being taken places like dentists and doctors for routine check-ups. But they also don’t like seeing their children ill or hurt, so trips to such places become inevitable. By teaching our children not to be afraid of places and professionals such as hospitals and dentists when they’re otherwise happy, they’ll be better equipped to deal with fear and upset in the bad times. Showing your kids that you can find a dentist who offers great care at Seattle, with friendly, gentle dentists, they’ll not fear dentist visits.


The Importance Of Modelling Good Healthcare To Our ChildrenAs the parent of a toddler, I appreciate how easy it can be to slip into the habit of giving a little one the same simple, bland, convenience foods on repeat. But long term, this behavior doesn't do a little kid any good as they haven't learned to experience new foods. While convenience food has its place in a balanced diet, it’s up to us parents to lead by example for our children. Therefore, giving the whole family (barring genuine food issues) a well-rounded, healthy diet sets children up for good habits later in life.


Going out together as a family is a wonderful way of showing children that exercise is fun. Kids often become more sedentary as they hit their teens, but if they’ve had a healthy foundation of finding joying in some sort of physical activity, as they grow up, it's easier for them to find that joy again. A child who never went for walks, rode bikes, or played sports will grow into an adult who is less inclined to seek out physical activity. And leading a sedentary life is well known to lead to various health complaints in adulthood.

There are many ways to model good healthcare to our children, from eating a varied diet to not being afraid to go to the doctor’s office. Showing these things as usual and not scary gives children the best chance of being healthy adults.


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