Take Back Your Health – You Were Born To Thrive

When you were born, it was quite possibly the healthiest you've ever been.

You cried when you wanted, were nourished when you needed and played all day long. Alarm clock? No. Into the rest of your life you ran with joy and excitement. Go on with your bad, health and wellness minded self. Naturally, you'll succeed as you were born to thrive.

Then somewhere along the journey, it happened– The world became complicated, responsibility grew and you didn't get to play as much as you once did. The alarm clock snooze button turned into your best friend and nourishment meant whatever was wrapped in plastic at 7-11. Hardly the life you were meant to lead; at least from your OG mom's perspective. Now I know your paternal mom is loving and she cares about your wellness but mother earth is your real OG mom. In fact, she's your mom's mom's mom too. She's the one who designed the closed organic cycle to function so brilliantly and efficiently. She wants you to be happy, rested and well-fed. It's in your genetics to feel good. The only trouble with mother nature's plan is that we've become so disconnected from the way we truly should be living that wellness has morphed into a trend instead of a lifestyle. In the next 30 days we're eating like our ancestors did and taking it back to the roots! Odds are if you stay with us and keep your eyes on the prize, you'll end up loving it too.

We live in an era of wellness fairs, wellness expos, wellness shakes and herbal wellness clinics. At what point did wellness change clothes from being a birthright and virtue into something trendy? The wellness industry has grown into  over a 100 billion dollar business annually. While most health and fitness guru's and myself alike are pumped to buy grass-fed meat and actually feel giddy when eating organic, what about the rest of the room? Do they truly care about macro-nutrient density and the real source of their carnitas taco, or are they just doing it to fit in while the spotlight is on? I recently went to a raw food restaurant in Santa Monica that was “all the rave” and paid $20.00 for a cucumber, bell pepper and some seasoning. My bad, I didn't do my homework first. You can't be excited about something unless you take the time to study and research why it's so special. There's no doubt that life is a learning curve but when it comes to our health it's up to us to get an A+. This is your chance to get smarter and healthier in the same dedicated 30 day period. Nice job!

By reading this post, there's a great chance you are on a wellness journey and it's not the first time you've dug deeper than the low-fat whole grain mythologised surface. You're searching, just as I have and will continue to, for a passionate, meaningful and vibrantly better life. Avid Gymnasts, Strength Trainers, Crossfittters, Paleo enthusiasts, fitness “geeks” and even (gasp) marathoners will tell you that once you've seen the light of health you'll want to shine it on everyone else. Whether it's to lose weight, feel better about yourself or become the person you were born to be, your wellness in the key that can unlock all opportunities, new friendships, peace, self esteem and above all else, vitality!

Now that I've got you in the light, let's shine some of it on why you may be in the dark with your progress towards wellness and how eating a clean Paleo diet for the next 30 days can boost your progress. Ready to lose fat and gain clarity in the big 3? (Body, Mind and Spirit) Awesome, let's do this.

In order to achieve absolute wellness, you first and foremost have to decide that you are worth it. I'm not talking about a the value of who you are, because that is truly unmeasurable, rather the importance of the difference you aim to make with your life. Why do you really want to be healthier and who are you doing it for? Family and career can be a huge motivator for wellness success, but at the core of your drive has to be a solid purpose- A purpose greater than yourself. Spend as many hours as you need to by meditating, thinking and being alone to clear out the closet and find that purpose. Do that while you soak up these next 30 days, and you'll come out the other side charging for more.

What do you want people to hear from you and your new found wellness and how are you going to say it? Ask yourself, what are you going to contribute to this world and the ones you love? How will your tombstone read when you are no longer with us? Take it back to when you were that baby, crying just wanting to be heard. Your tears were a message to the world “I'm here and I am important!” This same recognition is what we seek until the day we die; it just has more poignancy with words and actions we make as adults.

If wellness is the key to our ultimate potential, then what really is it? The book definition of wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. What is your definition? In the next month over our 30 day challenge I'll be going over what has worked personally and for my clients in balancing the following principles in wellness.

These will be vital for your Paleo Challenge success-

-Sleep quality
Water quality
-Food nutrient density and sources
Meditation and detoxifying breathing techniques
-Exercise and proper volume when first eating Paleo and into your strength phases
-Thoughts become things and the way to train your mind
-Hormonal balance and biochemical individuality

Check back next week as we focus on the science of sleep, how it can block fat loss and movements that save you time by burning tremendous amounts of fat while feeling alive!

See you next week and congrats again on taking back your health!

“I like to think of life as a battlefield. Every morning when we wake up and open our eyes we have a battle on our hands. Either you're going to win the battle that day or you're going to lose it. Either life is going to work for you or you are going to work for life. What's it gonna be!?” –Jack Lalane

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Take Back Your Health – You Were Born To Thrive


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