Self-Care Tips for the Hearing Impaired

Dealing with being hearing impaired is more than just coping with noisy environments or understanding conversations with other people. For many, it can be a constant struggle that can be incredibly draining. Your ears and brain are working double time trying to absorb all the sounds around you and interpreting them in a way that would allow you to communicate. It really won’t be surprising to experience listening fatigue. Before you know it, you will be feeling so stressed that you will already have trouble going to sleep. 

Dealing With Listening Fatigue

If you have are hearing impaired, you may notice that it would be harder for you to follow conversations later in the day than early in the morning. The reason for this is because you are tired and worn out. You have been straining all day trying to understand what other people around you are talking about. On top of trying to hear, you also have to think about your workload that you have to accomplish, and it all adds up as the hours go by that by the time you lie down and rest, you feel completely exhausted. This constant struggle can slowly chip away at not only your physical health, but also your mental health. If allowed to persist, can cause you to feel stressed out and depressed

Managing Listening Fatigue

How do you prevent listening fatigue from eating away your psychological well-being? According to Helix Hearing Care, individuals with hearing problems can significantly benefit from practicing self-care. It starts with learning how to prioritize your health and giving yourself some time to relax. Not sure where to start? Here are some useful tips: 

Take a Nap

A power nap of at least 30 minutes can help your body to re-energize and can give your ears and brain a moment to recuperate. This will allow you to have that much-needed boost to last the day. Never let yourself drain before choosing to relax. Having a daily napping routine can help you combat listening fatigue even before it becomes significantly debilitating. Once you have that routine, it would be easier for your ears and brain to adjust to your activities, giving you that opportunity to focus on the important things. 

Incorporate Exercise

Doing at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise can help your body maintain its health and vigor. It will also be helpful in addressing listening fatigue. For some, going for a run or doing light stretches can help relieve stress. Make sure that your chosen exercise routine is allowed for your condition. For example, doing cycling in a busy street may not be advisable if you are having difficulty hearing as it can only increase your listening fatigue and stress level. 

Engage in Meditation Rituals

Give yourself some time to do purposeful, deep breaths. Meditation can help you fine tune your senses, making it easier to release stress and anxiety. When you focus on your breathing, your body can release all the stress and tension that has built up throughout your day. Doing yoga poses and stretches can also help your brain and ears rest, giving your body that much-needed boost to combat fatigue. Find time for yourself where you can be quiet and away from the daily noise that you hear around you. 

Communicate Your Concern

Listening fatigue is not obvious. Many people who are hearing impaired may not understand where you are coming from if you choose to ignore them or take some time for yourself. Some may think that you are being aloof or sensitive. When you feel like this is happening to you, it is okay to communicate your concern. Tell them what you are experiencing. This way it would be easier for them to understand where you are coming from.

Consult Your Doctor

One of the best self-care practices that you can do is to consult your doctor. If you have been having trouble hearing, don’t ignore it. Once you notice that you have changes in your hearing abilities like people mumbling or sounds are not as loud as usual, you need to undergo comprehensive hearing tests to find out the cause and learn how you can best deal with it. Set aside a time to go to your doctor to address your hearing woes. From there, you will know what’s causing your difficulty of hearing and what treatments are available for your case including possibly getting yourself one of the best hearing aids available.

Losing your sense of hearing does not have to mean that you will lose sense of yourself. Give yourself some attention and practice these self-care tips. Remember, you don’t have to struggle in silence. 


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