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Your first drink of the night for a better tomorrow

ZBiotics: Pre-Alcohol Probiotic

ZBiotics: Pre-Alcohol Probiotic10% OFF WITH CODE “JOSH10”


• Drink 0–120 minutes before your first drink

• Residence time in the body: 18-24 hours

• Reduces hangover the next day

Genetically engineered by a team of Ph.D. microbiologists, ZBiotics® is a probiotic drink that breaks down the byproduct of alcohol responsible for rough mornings after drinking.

Now you can confidently enjoy drinking because ZBiotics was invented with science — not just supplements.

One bottle is good for a whole day, even if you're starting with brunch mimosas and have nighttime plans after as well!

How Does ZBiotics Work?

When you drink, a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde builds up in your gut. That byproduct is responsible for the particularly rough feelings you get the day after drinking.

ZBiotics is designed to replicate the natural process of your liver, but do it in your gut. They took a normal probiotic bacteria you already eat every day, and they bioengineered it to produce the same type of enzyme your liver already produces.

That enzyme breaks down acetaldehyde – an unwanted byproduct of alcohol that forms in your gut when you drink. Unfortunately, your body isn’t naturally good at breaking down acetaldehyde in your gut. And hydration doesn’t help either. Our bodies just didn’t evolve to handle lots of acetaldehyde.

Your liver does not have access to your gut. But by putting this probiotic directly in your gut, the goal is to augment your body’s natural ability to digest acetaldehyde while you drink and while you sleep – helping you make the most of the next day.

Just remember that ZBiotics does not affect intoxication or make alcohol safer to drink, so always drink responsibly.


  1. B. Subtilis ZB183 Probiotic
  2. Water
  3. Natural Flavor

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