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A Pre-Alcohol Probiotic: Your first drink of the night for a better tomorrow

ZBiotics: Pre-Alcohol Probiotic

Genetically engineered by a team of PhD microbiologists, ZBiotics® is a probiotic drink that breaks down the byproduct of alcohol responsible for rough mornings after drinking.

When you drink, a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde builds up in your gut. That byproduct is responsible for the particularly rough feelings you get the day after drinking.

Unfortunately, your body isn’t naturally good at breaking down acetaldehyde in your gut. And hydration doesn’t help either. Our bodies just didn’t evolve to handle lots of acetaldehyde.

ZBiotics helps your body catch up, by temporarily adding good bacteria to your gut that can break down acetaldehyde.

These bacteria have been engineered to produce the same type of enzyme found in your liver – replicating its key function where it matters: your gut.

As a result, acetaldehyde is broken down, setting you up for a better day after drinking.

Now you can confidently enjoy drinking because ZBiotics was invented with science — not just supplements.


  1. B. Subtilis ZB183 Probiotic
  2. Water
  3. Natural Flavor

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