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Organization brings clarity + focus to your routine

Haven Athletic Backpack | The Official CrossFit Games Backpack

$40 OFF WITH CODE “JOSH10”haven athletic gym bag

Gear up for your best workout with Haven Athletic:

• Have all your gear in one place

• Save time at the gym

• Put your anxiety to rest

Haven Athletic gym bags help casual and experienced gym-goers stay focused and organized in the gym.

Reasons why athletes can't train without this backpack

1. Less Stress, More Reps

No more time wasted on digging for that one piece of gear! Use the small and big compartments to nicely organize everything so you can keep your gym goals alive.

2. We’re Here For The Marathon (& Your Sprints)

Durable, high-quality fabrics designed to last a long time. Meet the bag you can actually count on for more than just a few workouts.

3. Strong Bag For A Stronger You

Don’t worry, it won’t fold or slump. Intentionally designed to be collapse-proof so all your gear is in plain sight when you open it.

4. We Keep It Breezy

The duffle is made up of the highest quality fabrics and provides steady airflow all the way through the bag. So, no worries if you have to throw some sweaty clothes in there after a workout!

5. Bring A Mix Of Kicks

A built in shoe garage ™️ specifically for your training shoes. With outside access and ventilation, the kicks have their own separate compartment to live in.


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