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Baloo Living | Weighted Blankets

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• Creates a calming and soothing effect

• Increases serotonin

• Decreases nervous system activity

• Reduces night-time movement

• 100% natural, clean, and chemical-free

Transform your nights and days with Baloo Living weighted blanket.

The soft and breathable cool cotton molds to your body like a gentle hug, for easier, deeper sleep.

Made with natural materials and 100% chemical free, care is easy, just drop in the machine! Sized to fit the top of the bed, with no overhang.

Baloo Living 12lb Throw Blanket

Baloo's 12lb weighted throw blanket measures 42×72 inches and weighs 12lbs; it’s the perfect size for the sofa and also fits the TOP of a twin bed.

Baloo is the only quilted weighted blanket made with 100% cotton exterior and interior—free from polyester and synthetic liners—for cool, deep sleep.

Natural & chemical-free materials only, chosen for softness, breathability, and durability. Glass microbead fill. Cool enough for all climates.

Designed for deep rest and relaxation; the tight, quilted pattern holds the weighted filling snugly in place so you never worry about bunching or pooling. The soft color palette promotes a tranquil, serene sleep space.

Machine washable & dryer safe. We recommend using cold water on the gentle cycle with whites only and drying on low heat. The blankets will dry surprisingly quickly on low heat.

The 12lb weighted throw blanket has small loops sewn into the seams at the sides and corners to securely connect to a Baloo Living linen duvet cover if desired.

Baloo also offers a Mini-Weighted Blanket for your little one!

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Baloo Living | Weighted Blankets

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