Outdoor Fitness: Interval Training Made Easy

HIIT training

Outdoor Fitness: Interval Training Made Easy

Stuck in a fitness routine rut? No gym? I got you covered: 

Do this FREE 8 week program to re-ignite your metabolic engine using only your body weight: 

Week 1-2 General Conditioning  (3/4x Per Week)

  • 10 min fast walk/jog at level 5 RPE
  • BW Pushups to failure. Option: Static pushup core hold to failure
  • 5 Min interval runs, 45 seconds work / 45 seconds rest /  level 8 RPE
  • BW Air Squats 45 seconds work / 45 seconds rest / level 9 RPE
  • 3 min interval runs 45 seconds work / 45 seconds rest / level 9 RPE
  • Pushup rotations x30 (3-3-3 pacing)
  • Front to back lunge 45 seconds work / 45 seconds rest / level 8 RPE
  • Cool down: Animal Flow Series

Week 2-4 Stabilization (3/4x Per Week)

  • 10 min fast walk/jog at level 6 RPE
  • BW Single Leg Romanian dead lift 15 reps per leg
  • Side plank holds 45 seconds each side
  • Wall handstand holds 30-45 seconds
  • Air Squat to single leg balance 60 seconds
  • 5 min interval runs 45 seconds work / 45 seconds rest / level 8 RPE
  • Supine hip extension w/ 5 second hold 60 seconds
  • Cool down: Dynamic / Proprioceptive

Week 4-6 Strength (3/4x Per Week)

  • 10 min fast walk/jog at level 6 RPE
  • BW Pushups to failure / 2 min rest / second set to failure
  • Air Squat 20 reps / 1 min rest / second set add 5 second hold at the bottom x 20 reps
  • Side plank hold with leg kick 45 seconds each side
  • 7 min interval runs 45 seconds work / 1 minute rest / level 9 RPE
  • BW Bar hangs to failure x2 sets
  • Cool down: dynamic

Week 6-8 Power (3/4x Per Week)

  • 10 min jog at level 6 RPE
  • BW Explosive pushups to failure level 9 RPE
  • BW Squat jumps to failure level 9 RPE
  • 6 min interval runs 30 seconds work / 1 min rest / level 9 RPE
  • Burpee broad jumps 60 seconds work
  • Split jump repeats to failure level 9-10 RPE


let go of old weight - josh trentWorkouts should be 25-30 minutes total

*Consult your physician before starting any new interval training or exercise program

*Modifications due to injury?

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