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Josh Trent Listed In Top 50 Digital Health Influencers

Josh Trent @WellnessForce – Listed In Top 50 Digital Health Influencers: Digital Health Landscape 2015


At Onalytica we have been building these influencer lists for over two years and we love to see the community embrace our analyses. This time we did things a little bit differently and asked a leading digital health expert and advocate a few questions on the subject…. (Read More)

Josh Trent Listed In Top 50 Digital Health Influencers – Network Visualization

Top 50 Digital Health Influencers, Wellness Force

“Digital Health is the convergence of the digital and genetics revolutions within medicine and health. The goal of digital health is to ultimately improve the quality of our healthcare and our daily lives. By adopting new technologies such as wireless sensors and trackers, healthcare can become more efficient, cheaper and more accessible.

Consumers have already been seamlessly integrating digital health tools into their daily lives to monitor and improve their health. Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches are being used to measure everything from how many footsteps you’ve taken that day, number of calories burned, distance travelled, heart rate, blood pressure, and even time spent sitting, providing instant results.

Digital Health and wearable tech are increasingly important to businesses and consumers alike.  Fitness tracking app MyFitnessPal – which has 75 million users – was recently acquired by Under Armour for $475 million, health information website WebMD gets 80 million visitors a month, and Apple has reportedly placed its first order of 5-6 million units for the Apple Watch (which includes a heart rate sensor and health apps) and will launch in April 2015. The popularity of Digital Health is big business with sustained levels of growth predicted for the future.”

“We looked at all the individuals engaging in the Digital Health discussion to give you the Top 50 influencers in the Digital Health landscape. Be sure to hit one of the blue buttons to download the full 2015 Digital Health landscape, including a detailed network map to better understand the debate.”


Rank  Twitter Handle  Name  PageRank (Normalized)
1 @Paul_Sonnier Paul Sonnier 100
2 @JohnNosta JOHN NOSTA 42.98
3 @JonahComstock Jonah Comstock 24.64
4 @salubriousdish Christina DesMarais 17.89
5 @DrSherryPagoto Sherry Pagoto 17.17
6 @Berci Berci Meskó, MD, PhD 16.12
7 @halletecco Halle Tecco 16.09
8 @ManeeshJuneja Maneesh Juneja 15.33
9 @HealthcareWen Wen Dombrowski MD 15.3
10 @dhGelly Evangelia Balanou 15.16
11 @daniel_kraft Daniel Kraft, MD 13.37
12 @DShaywitz David Shaywitz 12.91
13 @kevinmd Kevin Pho, M.D. 11.26
14 @ahier Brian Ahier 10.82
15 @skylabs1 Sky Christopherson 10.52
16 @DALupton Deborah Lupton 10.02
17 @2healthguru Gregg Masters 10.01
18 @jkvedar Joseph Kvedar 9.73
19 @kimberlyanngeo Kimberly George 9.46
20 @davidmcnierney David McNierney 9.32
21 @tkelsey1 Tim Kelsey 9.15
22 @VentureValkyrie Lisa Suennen 9
23 @clarkmike Mike Clark 8.99
24 @stedavies Stephen Davies 8.84
25 @TomVinci Tom Vinciguerra 8.55
26 @boltyboy Matthew Holt 8.39
27 @missykras Missy Krasner 8.3
28 @epilkington epilkington 7.89
29 @ZinaMoukheiber Zina Moukheiber 7.86
30 @JBBC Marie Ennis-O’Connor 7.85
31 @gloriacho_hi Gloria Cho 7.64
32 @mobilehealth Brian Dolan 7.58
33 @vishalpanchal85 Vishal 7.37
34 @CelineSportisse Celine Sportisse 7.12
35 @chrissyfarr Christina Farr 7.06
37 @ZGJR R.Grossmann,MD, FACS 6.85
38 @mitcharj Andrew Mitchell 6.54
39 @TimMoore Tim Moore 6.45
40 @tgoetz Thomas Goetz 6.03
41 @NaomiFried Naomi Fried 6.03
42 @GHideas Aman Bhandari 5.99
43 @JulianeZielonka Juliane Zielonka 5.96
44 @StevenChanMD Steven Chan, MD MBA 5.73
45 @Freeman_George George Freeman MP 5.51
46 @robinr robin raskin 5.51
47 @Saif_Abed Dr Saif Abed 5.42
48 @villekoiste Ville Koiste 5.28
49 @WellnessForce Josh Trent 5.28
50 @wadhwa Vivek Wadhwa 5.25


Josh Trent Listed In Top 50 Digital Health Influencers

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