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Josh Trent – An Interview With PaleoHacks

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podcast67-725x483We often associate technology with distraction, but digital health coach Josh Trent has harnessed the latest technologies in his enduring quest for mindfulness.

Join Trent, founder of digital health space Wellness Force, for an inspiring discussion on the quantified self, health goal accountability and how to use technology to hack your health.

Learn how a negative headspace holds you back, how to quantify yourself out of it, and the best digital technology to hack your health. Hear about Trent’s own wellness journey and how he left the security of corporate life in pursuit of his passion. Finally, learn how to make that leap yourself.

  • 2:00: Transitioning from corporate life to digital health: a wellness journey.
  • 7:00: Clarifying the “quanitified self” buzz word.
  • 10:00: The genesis of Wellness Force.
  • 14:00: Are you going to fall back in safety or go with the growth?
  • 18:00: When to follow your dreams: The number one thing that holds everyone back.
  • 20:00: Limiting beliefs and negativity bias.
  • 26:00: Accountability: Get in the conversation and have it for yourself.
  • 28:00: Apps and mindfulness.
  • 29:00: Digital health tracking: where to begin.
  • 34:00: Willpower and body chemistry.
  • 36:00: Automating your life: how to hack your day.
  • 40:00: Health goals: Pick a date and lock it in.
  • 43:00: How to hold yourself accountable.
  • 47:40: The Wellness Force podcast.

Enjoy the Video Episode below!


Josh Trent – An Interview With PaleoHacks

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