How to Bounce Back After Years of Self Neglect

How to Bounce Back After Years of Self NeglectIt is often challenging to bounce back after years of self-neglect and abuse. Everyone has challenges in life, and some more than others. Some of the worst, such as addiction, can completely destroy all you have, including your sense of self-worth. But there is always a solution, and it begins with yourself. Looking inward and outward, you can take control back. It starts with making plans, and positive influences can offer a boost when you are feeling down.

First, Ask for the Help You Need

Getting yourself off the proverbial floor means recognizing there is a problem. So first, you need to ask for help when you need it. There are many reasons why you may need help, and they aren't always immediately noticeable. Medical issues that can impact mental health, grief, personal loss, and addiction are some of the main ones. Calling an outpatient rehab center for drug treatment can be the best first step on the road to discovering yourself once more.

Make a Plan for What You Want

When you are feeling well enough, it is never too early to begin thinking about plans for the future. The future of yourself and your life is vital and the most personal thing to you. We only have a limited time here, so it's never too late to consider what you want for yourself:

  • Write down where you want to be in the next week, month, or year.
  • Think about what you need to change in order to get where you want.
  • Consider the people around you and how they can offer help and advice.
  • Address what you can immediately change to help achieve your short-term goals.

Plans can be very short-term or for the rest of your life. Thinking too far ahead can be overwhelming, so taking small steps is a good start. There is always support around you, and you only need to ask for it. This helps with getting back on your feet and taking the first steps.

Bounce Back Again with Self Appreciation

Getting your life back in order begins from deep inside. We often talk about connecting with others, and this is a crucial thing in life. But what about connecting with yourself? How can we ever wish to maintain healthy relationships without self-appreciation? Many of us experience this, and recent data found that half of the women surveyed feel more self-doubt every day than love for themselves. You can branch out once there is healthy self-respect back in your life.

Think of What You Want to Achieve

We all have desires, goals, and plans for life. Achievements mean different things to different people, as our values are personal. Some think of raising successful children as an achievement, while others view financial achievements as valuable. This is a very individual subject, so it requires you to really evaluate your inner personal feelings about what success means to you, whether it's becoming independent or making your hobby your career.

Take Small Steps and Actions

The mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma of neglect can have a significant impact on how we think. It can often feel like there is just too much to do and that we can never get there. But every journey begins with a single step. This is an apt proverb, given the situation you can find yourself in. Just one step is all it takes, and then another, and another. Getting your life back on track can take some time, and you will get there with small steps as part of a broader goal.

Spend Time with the Good People in Your Life

Having people who care about you in your life is something many people don't appreciate. Not everyone is raised in a loving family, with good friends, or even having any of these at all. Yet positivity attracts positive people, and with self-love and respect, you will find that the people around you become friends who care. Admiration for others is also a great trait to have while learning to spot inner signs of jealousy and envy that you must learn to banish very quickly.

Learn to Recognize and Respond to Yourself

Only you can ever truly know what is going on inside. But even then, this can be hard to recognize and even harder to take action. Yet getting to where you want to be takes time and self-dedication that no one else can offer. Some actionable steps to take include the following:

  • Understand that almost everything is beyond your control.
  • Learn about the things you can control and take positive actions.
  • Consider that things were once worse, and they are slowly getting better.
  • Imagine where you can be in a month or even a year by keeping it up.
  • Remember the great progress you are making when self-doubt creeps in.
  • Take immediate positive action when you feel anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Stay away from harmful coping mechanisms such as addictive behaviors.

There are always things you cannot control, so getting angry or upset about these is pretty useless and will have severe negative consequences. Just remember the progress you are making when you feel you are straying, and above all, NEVER go back to old bad habits.

Remove Toxic People from Your Life

Toxic people are everywhere and are often challenging to spot. They are usually the people closest to you, and you aren't typically aware that they are draining your life. Someone you consider your best friend is toxic when they only call you to complain about something. You can also have toxic colleagues at work with passive-aggressive behavior. And family can also be toxic. Distance yourself from people who make you feel bad about life more than necessary.

Don't be Afraid to Look for Love

They say there is someone for everyone, and with almost 8 billion of us, that is true. But love often doesn't come to you by happenstance like the movies. Putting yourself out there can be tricky, but it is almost always necessary. Dating sites and apps are commonly used these days. But good old parties and social gatherings are also great places to meet people. But remember, a loving partner who cares for you doesn't try to change you or compromise your morals.

Any Legal and Savory Job Will Do

It can feel like a drag sometimes, but there are many benefits to a job. A job is the first step to a sense of independence, and the finances that come with it offer freedom, such as your own place. Taking ownership like this is admirable. And while the job may be less than fulfilling, such as washing cars, it gives you a great first bump up to your overall goals. We all start somewhere, and taking control of your life with a job is often the start of a great career.

Self-Care Helps You Bounce Back

Personal self-care is one of the most underappreciated ways of thinking today. But what does self-care actually mean? Self-care encompasses all parts of your personal well-being, including the physical, emotional, spiritual, and nutrition. This is why it can be challenging, and only around 7% of people provide self-care on a daily basis. Exercising, even jogging, addressing your needs, appealing to a higher self, and eating the right foods are all part of good self-care.

Find and Use Positive Influences

There are many influences in life. Some are positive, and some are negative. These can even be interchanged depending on your personal beliefs. But we all need positivity, and being more engaged in wholesome activities will change your life. Positive influences can be found by:

  • Escaping into fantasies using books, TV, and video games for some relaxation.
  • Check the web for stories about people you admire and how they are achieved.
  • Getting out into nature to allow yourself to appreciate the real beauty of the world.
  • Connecting with community-driven people and charities helps to make a difference.

Escapism can be a major influence on your life, and there is no shortage of it these days with TV and even VR. The web gets a bad rap, but it can be a vehicle for change with the correct information. Staying active with community projects and helping people is admirable.

Stay Motivated and Take it Slow

Getting yourself to where you want to be emotionally and in your life is hard. There will be ups and downs, and this is normal. But the key is not letting the negatives drag you down further. Motivation can waver, and when it does, you need some of the things listed above, such as escapism and positive influence. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. Remembering how far you have come when times are bad helps you keep momentum so you don't burn out.


Asking for help when you need it is a good first step when you want to bounce back after a long time of self-neglect. Positive influences such as people and activities help you stay on track. You can also stay motivated by remembering the progress you have made in changing your life.



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