How To Beat Holiday Burnout and Play The Festive Season With New Energy

Holiday Burnout is a very real thing.

It’s starting to feel like the festive season has sprung – summer vibes have arrived in the Southern hemisphere and snowflakes are sprinkling Insta accounts throughout the North. Before we know it, Christmas parties and festivities will be in full swing. I’m a Christmas-week baby, so historically it’s felt like a whirlwind part of the year for all the reasons. And over time, I’ve learnt to simplify for the sake of my mental, physical & emotional wellbeing.

This time of year means different things to different people. If your year has been anything like mine, the realization of pending festivities may have sent a whisper of “it’s been an amazing year but I still don’t…” pause that thought and breathe for a moment.

Healing Holiday Burnout

Breathing into appreciation, I accept everything has been a choice.

I’m grateful this has been an exceptional year of rapid expansion, of connecting with wonderful people, of letting go again and again and again, and of being in allowance. I remember time isn’t linear. I remain open to all that I’ve invited and I’m blessed with the freedom to choose in this moment.

So I invite you to pause for a moment before reading on, to breathe into a place of appreciation. What do you hear you truly listen and how does it make you feel?


Each moment is an opportunity to shift your energetic state. Here are a few ways you can change your outlook in a heartbeat.

Know Your Core Values

Knowing your core values is the key to being in alignment. Values can change over time and will beunique to your lifestyle.

If you’re single right now, knowing your core values helps you honour your choices, stay aligned with your vision and celebrate that you are enough.

If you’re in a relationship, creating core values together (which may vary from your own) helps you stay aligned in your conscious relating and make decisions together while respecting each other's individual wants, needs, and desires.

And if you’re in a family, creating core values together based on the ages and family dynamics creates emotional safety, freedom, and boundaries for what’s most important.

Whilst core values are a compass any time of year, if the festive season starts feeling hectic, plays on your emotions or triggers friction in any of your relationships, use your values to navigate and course correct to the things that really matter.

Embrace Boundaries As An Energy Saver

If you recognise yourself as a people-pleaser to your own detriment, where you end up running around until you’re frazzled and exhausted – stop. Listen to what feels good for you and base your commitments around that. That way, you can be present with energy and feel joy.

You might find this mantra helpful if you've ever been burnt out:

Take a deep breath in from the belly, hold and breathe out slowly saying “I am enough”. Repeat for 1-2 minutes.

If you’re on the flip side and are used to hosting, organising everything to perfection, fussing until you feel anxious, aren’t truly present to enjoy the party and feel exhausted for days afterwards – stop. Listen to what really matters and let go of the rest. Simplify. Allow others to contribute. 

You might find this mantra helpful:

Take a deep breath in from the belly, hold, and breathe out slowing saying “Here. Now.”

Burnt Out? Know Your Limits And Celebrate Your Choices


If alcohol doesn’t look good on you, maybe give it a temporary or permanent rest to heal that burnout feeling. At the very least, know your limits and honour them with pride.

It’s cool to get creative with non-alcoholic beverages and your favourite cocktail bar will be happy to indulge you too. Throw in some adaptogenic herbs and you’ll be the hottest wellness warrior at the party.

Bon Appetit!

You’ve been working hard to embrace a healthy lifestyle this year, your nutrition has been working for you and you’re feeling good. Enjoy the treats you choose and also feel great saying “No, thank you”. If you know you’ll be in an environment with totally different values around food, make your own contribution to the table. There are so many different dietary requirements these days so having different food choices doesn’t leave us on the outside as much as it once did. However, if this remains a challenge for you, know your values and feel good about honouring what’s best for you.

Nutrition can be a sneaky way to experience burnout if you're not careful.

Shake Your Booty!

You’ve been doing activities your body loves. And the holidays mean it’s time to do nothing, right? Perhaps for some, that’s what you need for a day or two but if not moving your body enough daily makes you feel sluggish, irritable or not sleep well – take that walk, do yoga, dance, play ball with the kids or move your body in whatever ways make you feel good. No matter where you might be during the holidays, keep your energy moving to elevate your mood.

Take Time Out For You

Self-care is the greatest act of self-love; especially when you experience any kind of holiday burnout. Without it, we’re not able to truly share our best with others. Whether your inner practice includes meditation, mindfulness, breath work, visualisation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, surfing, singing, dancing, or playing music…do that and keep doing it throughout the festive season – it fuels your body, restores your mind, and nourishes your soul.

Gain Control, Stop Holiday Burnout

Queues, traffic, flight cancellations, double-booked tables, packages that don’t arrive and orders that were missed – they happen. Hopefully not to you, but they happen. It’s not called the silly season for no reason, but you do have a choice not to get caught up in the fog of it. Rise above.

Plan ahead, smile, breathe and stay kind. And in case you missed it earlier – simplify and focus on what really matters.

Hmm, that feels good, doesn’t it?

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