From Soil to Wellness: How Starting a Farm Can Benefit Your Health

From Soil to Wellness: How Starting a Farm Can Benefit Your HealthStarting a farm has several pros and cons, and there’s lots to consider, especially if farming is a significant change from your usual lifestyle. The work can be demanding and challenging, but it can also bring a lot of rewards to your life and even improve your health.

Here are some ways farming can boost your overall well-being.

1) Keeps You Physically Active

Farming is challenging but rewarding work. You'll be tilling the land, caring for animals and regularly tending to crops.

Physical activity has many benefits, including improved heart, brain, muscle and bone health. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and infectious diseases. Being active also helps you manage your weight and generally helps lengthen your life span.

The best part is you'll get stronger daily as your body adjusts to the workload. You’ll develop pride and confidence in yourself and your hard work.

2) Helps You Build a Routine

You must establish a routine to keep your farm running. Farmers typically start their days early to tend to the animals. They then check on crops and maintain the land throughout the day.

Studies show that creating and sticking to a routine has many health benefits. Habits have a positive impact on mental health by reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. They can also help people feel more in control of their lives, thus lessening stress and increasing confidence.

Setting a good routine also helps you get adequate rest. Going to bed at the same time every night ensures consistent sleep, which improves your overall health.

3) Improves Immunity

Studies show that children brought up in rural or farm settings develop better immunity. Exposure to animal fur, dander, soil and other things deemed dirty can lessen the chances of allergies and additional immune reactions.

This isn’t to say that people should stop being hygienic altogether. It’s all about finding balance and exposing yourself to natural environments to help boost your immune system.

4) Exposes You to Sunlight

Working on a farm means you'll be outdoors most of the day. Soaking in the sun can provide significant health benefits. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which helps with bone growth and calcium absorption. Vitamin D also boosts your immunity, helping you fight against common infections.

Sunlight is also important for maintaining good mental health. Exposure helps cue the brain to produce serotonin, improving your mood and emotional well-being. People who don't get enough sun will see their serotonin levels drop, which can lead to the winter blues.

Despite the many benefits of sunlight, you should still be wary of overexposure. Spending too long under the sun can harm your skin, so wear protective clothing and sunscreen.

5) Keeps Your Mind Sharp

From Soil to Wellness: How Starting a Farm Can Benefit Your HealthWhether taking over an existing farm or starting up your own, you must use and develop skills to keep the operation running.

If you’re new to farming, the influx of so many new skills can help sharpen your mind. Plus, tackling problems is part and parcel of farm life. Issues of varying difficulty can pop up at any time.

You might be eradicating pests today and repairing your tractor tomorrow. Your problem-solving skills will develop and improve on the farm.

The challenging part is that you must do much of the fixing yourself. You'll have to work smart and find solutions with whatever you have on hand. You'll always be on your toes and must be ready to handle whatever comes your way.

6) Enhances Your Diet

Once you get your farm up and running, you'll have access to fresh and healthy foods. You can enjoy vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk and other items taken straight from your farm.

Your diet is sure to take a turn for the better with the presence of fresh food and the absence of ready-made processed junk.

Cutting and transporting fruits and vegetables leads to a loss of moisture and nutrients. Foods fresh from the farm will always be more nutritious than those sold at the supermarket miles from where they were harvested.

One perk of growing your own food is you know what goes in it. You can enjoy safe animal products and byproducts if you don’t use antibiotics or harmful supplements. The same goes for your crops. Avoiding pesticides and growing organic produce ensures what you’re eating is safe.

Farming for Better Health

Many people are attracted to farming life — and for good reason. It can be a way to make an honest living while appreciating the great outdoors. Being on a farm connects you to nature and helps you develop essential skills you can pass on to future generations.

Consider all the health benefits you can get by starting a farm. You can enjoy better physical and mental health as you take on a new chapter in your life.


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