Fat Loss: Tapping The Source

Summer is here and your life is in full swing with social events, bbq's, hectic workdays and family pressures distracting you from that little voice inside that is asking you to eat and move better. The time for getting to the start of your health goals is not even on the back burner lately- it's under the sink behind the EZ-Wipes.

“Everything is great!” You tell yourself as you rush from hour to hour always saying that you will start your new diet on Monday or try that new cleanse your buddy is on. In the midst of this roller-coaster, don’t allow the people and things around you to steal away the still, calm and purposeful moments of clarity when you are able to meditate and focus on what it is you truly want. It is only away from the clutter of responsibility and external noise that you can find the spark to ignite your emotion to change. That is, unless you just want to do what you did last month, or in some cases last year…… Yeah, I'm talking to you!

It's okay we all have busy schedules; busier than ever. In fact, according to the recent polls taken by the American time use survey study the average American workday is now 9.1 hours. Combined with shopping, kids, errands and cooking you have to fight for even an hour of time for YOU! The realistic factor in losing weight and burning fat is a professional health plan just like you plan everything else in your life and your career

Think about it, how do all your reports, emails, TPS cover letters (office space shout out) and sales calls ever get done unless you plan? The big news that relates to the success of your job AND your body is told by Tony Robbins as time “chunking.” Before you get to that though, watch Tony's video on meaning and motivation here- Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better- http://bit.ly/gVPqc

Do you wake up in the morning and feel tired? Not physically tired but mentally and emotionally just TAPPED? There are numerous reasons that our energy gets removed from our lives as the responsibilities pile up and the bills grow in your mailbox. The question isn't how to lose weight but really how to fit the time into your schedule. The true nature of fat loss can only be felt and progressed when your body is healthy, awake and motivated to eat and move towards those big goals we set for ourselves. It is absolutely no mystery why people are getting fatter and fatter- it's our lifestyle!

Yes I know what you are thinking; well I have 16 things to do today BEFORE I ever start to focus on my goals………. Well, the time is there it's just between the lines you set for yourself. Energy requires energy and free time requires less responsibility. The structure of your day is the backbone of your life and goal setting process. Let's go over the top ten effective strategies for implementing change towards better health in your life today, right now and in this moment-

  • Decide what will truly make you happy- not just weight loss but what you really desire specifically for you- is it more energy, more time, more cardiovascular health or more muscle? Write it down on a sheet of paper. Focus on that; put it up wherever you can where you will see it everyday.
  • Purchase a day planner/calendar/tracking device to set up your daily schedule.
  • Cancel your cable subscription, it won't help you mentally or physically get to where you desire!
  • Pick 1 day a week and hold yourself accountable to it to try 1 new exercise or fitness class. Make it fun; variety is the spice of life.
  • Choose 1 day a week to eat outdoors for a meal with you, your family or friends and move afterward- This should be one of the best days of your week!
  • Research a qualified personal trainer and hire a professional, knowledgeable fitness professional to keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Go into your cupboard and throw/donate away any foods that have more than one ingredient! (See other articles on the dangers of processed food)
  • Surround yourself with those that care about health and moving forward, if any friend ridicules you or stands in your way of you being truly happy, they are not a true friend and should be moved to the acquaintance file! Life is too short to be around those that hold you back.
  • Save 1-2% or more of each paycheck to put into health and fitness related items- new outfits, shoes, yoga, DVDs, headphones- whatever will tap into your emotional energy of change and allow you to feel good about the direction you are headed. You're going to spend the money anyways; it may as well be working for you instead of in a shot glass at 2am.
  • Spend 15 minutes a day preferably in the morning to plan out your day- workout bag packed, food plans and time block settings. Plan and execute!

Plan to fail- r

ealize that you will slip up when “life happens” but immediately reward yourself and move forward to the next step in your schedule. The most over-used phrase and under-appreciated action is the law of attraction. If you focus on how bad you have failed you WILL induce more failure. Success is your perseverance mixed with planning. You can do this!

When in doubt, return to the goal and visualize. The road to better health is the culmination of a juggling act of scheduling, motivation and desire. If the desire for change is strong enough, the body will follow the mind and accomplish anything you want as long as you are being true to yourself about what you really desire! Losing fat is just the beginning of a life you could only imagine. Once you take hold of your fitness and health, you will open up a door into new friends, new experiences and new beginnings in which you never dreamed. Your health is the catalyst into all the choices you make. It is your choice- start living the life you desire, not the one you see on TV!

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