Clean-Eating Meals For Detoxing The Body

Every day your body neutralizes and eliminates toxins, therefore a detox occurs all the time. However, we occasionally lose track and consume not very nutritious food in excess such as eating sugar, junk food, refined carbohydrates. Excess consumption of these foods leads to our bodies having difficulty metabolizing them and exhausts the liver.

Clean-Eating Meals For Detoxing The BodyThis is when a nutrient-dense diet should be revised to feed the cells with all they require for healthy activity.

Since we don't always have the time or opportunity to eat healthily, eating healthily for a few days or detoxing every now and then is something that your body will be grateful for. It is also an opportunity for you to rethink your attention and time given to your health. Doing this will make your body healthier.

Whether you are detoxing for 3 days or for a week, this article will provide meals that will be great for your detox time.

1) Chicken soup

Chicken broth is a staple of Northern European and American food. Chicken broth allows you to stay comfortable whether it’s during the day, during chilly evenings and can be a cure for many problems.

It is simple to see why chicken broth, with its relaxing heat, rich, fragrant scent, and traditional flavor profile, is an American comfort food. This dish is all healthy, filled with foods that are nutrient-packed.

Chicken broth can be consumed alone, in chicken noodle soup, through a creamy chicken casserole, and many other dishes. Hundreds of chicken broth and thousands of homemade recipes are available, check out this healthy recipe by Corrie Cooks. Whatever your preference is, chicken broth is a low-calorie choice filled with health benefits and nutrients.

The broth of chicken is rich in vital protein and fatty acids. They both help your body grow muscular, bone, skin, and blood cells healthy and repair them. Chicken broth is also a rich mineral source such as iron. Chicken broth includes selenium as well. It helps to prevent and control cardiovascular disease, strokes, and high cholesterol problems.

2) Brown rice bowls

Brown rice bowls can be made with chicken, kale, and mushrooms. For a vegetarian or vegan option using a protein such as tofu or tempeh tastes great.

The bran and germ comprise most of the grains' vitamins and minerals, two external layers of brown rice. When manufacturers produce white rice, those layers are removed, therefore brown rice is the more nutritious and healthier version when compared to white rice. Brown rice has a less significant effect on increasing insulin and blood sugar than white rice because of its high fiber content.

Brown rice is made according to macrobiotic principles. It provides the right amount of calories, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats to your body. A nutritious brown rice meal is advised by all experts in the health and diet field.

When making a brown rice bowl you want to aim to include the different food groups. Include your favorite vegetables and protein. If you sauté the vegetables with some olive oil (sesame oil and avocado oil are also great alternatives), then you include healthy fats into the meal as well. This way you are eating a balanced and delicious meal.

3) Kale and ricotta salad

Clean-Eating Meals For Detoxing The BodyKale is a dark, green leaf that can be eaten raw or cooked. Since Roman times this superfood has been on dinner dishes and is prevalent in a great number of European countries for a long time. The vegetable comes from the family of cabbages, which includes broccoli and cauliflower. Kale has become more popular than ever before
and is filled with vitamins and minerals.

Kale has a lot of vitamin A which is important for eye and bone health, it also aids in keeping the immune system strong. This vegetable lowers cholesterol, aids in preventing cancer and can help you lose weight since it has very low calories and high water content.

Ricotta is a cheese with a soft and creamy taste. It is filled with protein thus why it’s popular among the fitness community. For people who are looking to lower fat in their diet while keeping protein density high then this is the food for you. It is a healthy fat that the body can easily digest hence why it is a food that can be eaten during a detox cleanse.

4) Pea soup

Peas are grouped into the legumes food group. Legumes are plants that produce seed or bean pods inside them. Lentils, soy, chickpeas are other foods in the legume family.

The high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients in peas offers significant health advantages ranging from healthy eyes to protect you from certain cancers. The risk of inflammatory disorders such as diabetes, heart diseases, and arthritis has been reduced with the consumption of peas because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Peas are high in fiber which helps move food through your digestive system. Pea soup is a great meal to have at the end of the day because it helps move the rest of the food through your system. A lighter meal is also recommended to have at dinner time so your body rests at night instead of struggling to digest too much food.

Pea soup frozen peas and coriander, along with some vegetable or chicken stock. In order to make it creamier, you can opt for soaked cashews, or for a more fat-heavy option you can use creme fraiche or sour cream.

4) Japanese tofu soup

A Japanese tofu soup is a hearty, filling meal loaded with fresh and natural ingredients that contain heaps of nutrients. The ingredients in this soup include shiitake mushrooms, glass noodles, cabbage, tofu, and vegetable broth.

The main filling ingredient is tofu which is a great source of plant protein and contains all of the nine essential amino acids. Tofu is made by curdling fresh soy milk and pressing it into a solid block and letting it cool. It is made similarly to how you could make cheese in the Western world. This is a staple ingredient in Thai and Chinese food.

Tofu is a valuable source of iron, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. It also contains a good amount of magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, and zinc. With all of the nutrients, tofu is believed to help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of breast cancer development. Because tofu has a similar structure to the hormone estrogen, a lot of women choose to include soy in their diet when they’re reaching the age of menopause.


Clean-Eating Meals For Detoxing The BodyTo foods that you need to eat while in a detox week don’t need to be restrictive at all. The point of a detox is to get as many nutrients into the body as possible using foods that are easy to digest. A lot of people mistake a detox week for restricting calories and restricting food groups such as carbohydrates. However, a detox only truly works if you provide your body with the necessary things it needs in order to maintain the function of absorption of nutrients which will aid in it excreting things that it doesn’t need.

Remember that eating clean should aim to be done every day whilst still enjoying other less nutritious foods. It is important to maintain a balanced diet – that includes nourishing your body with foods that it is craving. Your body knows what it needs best.


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