Can Eating BISON Meat Really Help Heal The World? Regenerative Ranching With Force of Nature Meats

Can Eating BISON Meat Really Help Heal The World? Regenerative Ranching With Force of Nature Meats

Hey my friend, I've been thinking deeply about this.

Maybe you can relate…

When life moves at such a fast pace, sometimes it's easy to justify eating what's most convenient, rather than most nourishing?

In a world where so many people are in a rush to relax…

…is it really a surprise that we have been taught to eat food and animals that are sick in the name of “convenience?”
And then after time goes by… when weight gain and disease come for a visit?

Are you going through a health challenge, or maybe you're looking at how to get high-quality animal products back into your diet?

Can Eating BISON Meat Really Help Heal The World?

Maybe you just care about the planet and you've heard all the recent lies from Bill Gates' million-dollar vegan propaganda about how meat is a “threat to global warming.”

But something inside of your intuition tells you that this simply isn't true…

Something inside of your soul knows there's a different answer and better wisdom…

I found that wisdom, and I'm sharing it with you today.

What if I told you that to heal yourself and the world, that it's not about eating less meat, it's actually about eating more regenerative meat?

I promise you that by the end of this podcast episode, we'll cover the truth and lies about all of those statements…

This week on the podcast is a deeply compelling feature with Robby Sansom + Taylor Collins of Roam Ranch and Force of Nature Meats.

With my own two feet and hands here in Texas, I got to visit the ranch in person to smell, see and feel the land where Taylor + Robby sweat, work and breathe with one of the world's most ancient and powerful animals…

​The Bison.

If you're like me, you care about what goes into your body because you know that whatever you eat, you're also eating what it ate…

This is why I believe regenerative ranching can help you and me live our life well.

Try some of our favorites from Force of Nature Meats!

Regenerative Ranching With Force of Nature Meats

Get ready for a mind and heart-expanding episode…

Tune in to one of my favorite podcasts EVER 👇

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Can Eating BISON Meat Really Help Heal The World? Regenerative Ranching With Force of Nature Meats

Can Eating BISON Meat Really Help Heal The World? Regenerative Ranching With Force of Nature Meats

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Wellness + Wisdom Episode 458

Thanks again for being here!

It’s Josh Trent and you are with us at Wellness + Wisdom.

This is the podcast where you get the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial intelligence to live your life well.

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This is episode 458 Taylor Collins + Robby Sansom: Omnivorous Truth: Bill Gates, Synthetic Meat, Vegan Lies + Healing with Regenerative Ranching.

Learning about Regenerative Ranching

I got the absolute treat and honor of touring the ranchland here just outside of Austin in a town called Fredericksburg, Texas.

I'll tell you that with my own feet and hands I got to smell, see and feel the land where my two guests today sweat, work and breathe with one of the world's most ancient and Powerful animals, the Bison.

Are you going through a health challenge, or maybe you're looking at how to get high quality animal products back into your diet?

Maybe you just care about the planet and you've heard all the lies from Bill Gates and million-dollar vegan propaganda about how cows and bison and animals are a threat to global warming…

I promise you by the end of this episode we're going to cover the truth and the lies about all of those statements.

Plus a practical and inspirational way that you yourself can consume regenerative ranch bison and animals.

Welcome to Roam Ranch

This episode is close to my heart and home because it’s in my big backyard.

Everything is on YouTube (which by the way are you subscribed to my YouTube channel?) where you can see me and Robby and Taylor for a beautifully filmed mini documentary and a full podcast episode just head over to YouTube and tap subscribe…

So this Roam Ranch is in my big backyard and the company is called Force of Nature led by Robby and Taylor.

Taylor was one of the owners of Epic Bar so if you ever seen the Epic Bars in the grocery store that is his company!

I love the conversation of reclaiming the legacy of meat that we explore on this podcast

You Will Learn…

  • CAFO: the harmful animal practices of controlled feeding operations versus what Force of Nature does in partnership with Rom Ranch
  • The actual cost of buying meat and poultry
  • How the fertility issues in the world are becoming more evident due to pollution in our environment and food
  • Why eating meat or poultry doesn't actually cost more money?
  • A breakdown of the difference between perceived and reel cost when it comes to the meat that you eat.
  • And the big question: what is going on with Bill Gates?

Would You Buy Synthetic Meat from Bill Gates?

Why is he buying farmland on a continuous basis? He is now as the largest single private landowner of ranches and farming in the United States?

What is up with Bill Gates? His agenda to bring synthetic meat that is actually harmful to health, into your belly?

What is going on with the vegan narrative and the lies? These really point to a bigger truth that we are starving with our stomachs full?

You'll love what Robby and Taylor share as the problem and the solution that is healing yourself and the world with regenerative ranching.

Hear about Taylor’s own exploration firsthand into veganism and how moving from veganism into regenerative ranching and a more omnivorous diet saved his wife’s life.

Your Wellness + Wisdom Journey

Look, I'm not here to tell you how you should eat.

My role, my intention is to present all the information that I find with my own hands. And with my own ears and share it with you.

When you finish listening, you are going to feel a big shift. A big shift in the way that you consume food and especially the way you consume meat.

Head over to where you can find the Force of Nature Meats in our store Page.

There's a great deal for you there to save BIG on Force of Nature Meats!



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