5 Different Types of Exercises You Can Do at Home

Physical exercises provide a lot of benefits to your health. It will give you an incredible physique, a strong body, and a healthy mind too. People usually tend to go to gyms or have their workouts outdoors to experience a new environment with different sights and people when exercising. But that is not a necessary thing to do.

You can actually do your physical activities inside your home. There is already indoor equipment you can buy and install in your room. It will be perfect for you if you are not in the mood to go outside but still have the will to exercise or if the weather is terrible.

Moreover, there are also different types of exercises you can do at home. Get to know five of them right here right now.

Walking and Running

Walking and running are two of the most popular and best exercises you can do. And while most people perform these exercises outside, it is likely possible to do them indoors as well. You can simply walk around the house or walk upstairs.

You can mix things up in this exercise. You may have an interval session, with stepping on the stairs for a minute, then doing some jumping jacks for another minute, and some pushups if you can. Just be creative in incorporating other exercises into this routine.

There are also treadmills for indoor running and walking workouts you can purchase if you have the budget and enough space. This will be greatly helpful in executing your indoor.


Sometimes, we need a wholesome kind of exercise. And that can be yoga. It is now getting its popularity because of its wide benefits to the physical body and our mental health. It can keep us still fit and even lose weight while we relax our minds and relieve the stress from the outside world.

There are different yoga styles you can try at home. You can start with the gentle ones like Hatha or yin. But if you want a more challenging and physically demanding yoga exercise, you may go with a power yoga session.

Since you might not be in the mood to go outside for a yoga class, Youtube has a lot of yoga videos as a guide for you, in case you are just starting doing it. Once you have already familiarized the poses and the sequences, you can now put together your yoga practice without the guide videos.


If you want to step up the game, you may try high-intensity interval training or HIIT for short. This cardio workout will reduce your weight, build muscle, and enhance your metabolism. After around two hours, your body will burn the calories because of the high intensity of the exercises.

HIIT is also best for those people who want to exercise for a small amount of time but want to get fit as soon as possible. All you need to do is go to a challenging and highly intense level of exercise for a short time, then back off for the recovery period, and have another round of strenuous exercises.

You can incorporate different exercises here, such as running, rowing, jumping jacks. For instance, you do as many jumping jacks for a minute, then take a break before performing squats or pushups. You may also use equipment here like treadmills, rowing machines, weights, and jumping ropes.


Need to work out on your core and flexibility without going to the gym? Pilates is on your way. It is also getting popular nowadays since you will not need a lot of equipment to use. All you need to prepare is a mat and yourself.

The moves here may look simple and easy to do. But every pose requires precision and control. A great technique must be incorporated here. Although you will not really sweat a lot here, it is still physically demanding. You will feel the tension in your muscles while you concentrate on your breathing. It is a medium-intensity level exercise, after all.

In the original poses for pilates, there are 34 movements outlined by Joseph Pilates that will last for 45 minutes to one hour. Most videos online are already modified, but you can still perform those, as long as the fundamentals stay.


Dancing may be used as an art form, a sport, and a skill competition. But it can also be part of your exercise routine. Since it makes your whole body move, it brings a lot of benefits to your body. This whole-body workout enhances your cardio, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. It is also effective in losing weight.

For the equipment, you will only need a speaker and hype music from your CD or phone. Regardless of what music genre you want to play, it can be hip-hop, electronic dance music or EDM, Latin, or pop.

Final Thoughts

You might sometimes find it challenging to go to a gym or do not have enough budget for membership. There are also times that you do not want to go outside. But all of these are not a hindrance to refrain from exercises. Try those at-home different exercises to stay fit and healthy.


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