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Sinus Therapy for Nasal Congestion and Stuffiness Commit. Breathe Better. Feel Better.


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• Opens nasal passages

• Reliefs nasal congestion

• Supercharges mucus drainage

• Eases symptoms of rhinitis, sinusitis, or allergies

• Increased lung volume

All-Natural Nasal Congestion Relief

Use the device twice a day for about 2 minutes of sinus therapy each time and you’ll overcome your nasal congestion challenges – allowing you to breathe easier.

How Does SinuSonic Work?

The revolutionary SinuSonic device delivers acoustic vibrations and gentle pressure to open nasal passages naturally. Twice a day, morning and evening, simply hold the SinuSonic device to your nose and breathe normally for about two minutes. You should hear a flutter each time you exhale during the exercise. That’s it. It is that easy. Best of all there are no harmful or addictive drugs, and no mess.

While some people experience immediate/instant relief, SinuSonic is designed to be used as twice-daily Sinus Therapy for the user to experience the optimal effects the device can produce.

Many have asked, “What if I just use it when I get stuffy?” SinuSonic will help. However, for optimal results, use it twice daily for about two minutes. Commit. Breathe Better. Feel Better.



The Science of SinuSonic

Multiple clinical trials found that SinuSonic's combination of gentle acoustic vibration and gentle resistant pressure work together to successfully provide congestion relief.

One study found over 80% of the chronically congested participants who were experiencing severe congestion for a year or more reported relief and a clinical improvement in nasal congestion and airway conductivity.

SinuSonics design is based on extensive research of the therapeutic effects of positive expiratory pressure (PEP) and vibration on airway functionality and mucous movement in chronic lung conditions.

The device aids in upper airway functionality and mucous movement, similar to the proven therapeutic effects for lower airway congestion.

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