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Amplifying Indigenous Cultures

Four Visions – Now 15% off!

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• Hapé Apothecary

• Amazonian Botanical Tinctures

• Master Plant Allies

• Ceremonial Cacao Collection

• Spiritual Plant Tools

• Signature Herbal Blends

Four Visions began in 2015 with the vision of building opportunity, sharing culture, and spreading a little more love in the World.

Together, they have opened new doors connecting the Western Mind with Amazonian Soul Medicine.

Bridge your front door to the Amazonian spiritual tools your path requires.

Four Visions: Explore The Magic of The Amazon

Sacred reciprocity informs everything that we do. Our *Beyond Fair Trade* Model is a unique design of mutual benefit cultural-sharing.

This platform was designed to provide this bridge for the indigenous wisdom keepers to remain at the forefront for both educational purposes and decision-making as we navigate these new waters of the globalization of plant medicine.

Four Visions empowers & supports more than 30 different indigenous artists & their families through the fair trade purchase of their spiritual tools & art. They e are honored to source high-quality made in prayer medicines for our community.

Their day to day lives are dedicated to the preservation & flourishment of the Amazonian cultures and lands.

*Four Visions does not offer any discounts on subscription orders, sampler packs, or already discounted items. There are also a couple of other items such as the hand-painted drums and Yawanawa Kusmas that they cannot apply the code to due to the intensive hours that it takes to make them.

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