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Blue light glasses for migraines are a game changer. Sitting in front of digital devices all day puts tremendous strain on the eyes, manifesting itself in athe form of dry eyes, headaches.

BON CHARGE Light Sensitivity Glasses

Blue light from your digital devices and office/home lighting may be intensifying symptoms of Photophobia which is a sensitivity to light. Light sensitivity symptoms may include sore eyes, headaches, or feeling uncomfortable under bright light. Short wavelength blue light has been shown as one of the potential triggers for light sensitive people and this type of light can often be found in our favourite digital devices such as smart phones, laptop computers, tablets, and even overhead lighting.

Light Sensitivity Solution

One potential solution to combat light sensitivity might be to block the blue light wavelengths between 415nm and 455nm, as studies have shown that this banding of light is closely related to eye damage

At BON CHARGE their Light Sensitivity Glasses block blue light from 400nm and 455nm and may be a good option if you feel you have a sensitivity to artificial light. All their lens reports can be found on each product page.

BON CHARGE Light Sensitivity Glasses also go one step further and are classified as a medical device in Australia and are included as ARTG 388832, 388832 and 388834. Their Light Sensitivity Glasses are also FDA registered in the USA. Choose their science supported Light Sensitivity Glasses today and manage light sensitivity more effectively.

All their frames are available in non-prescription, prescription and reading options


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