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Sleep glasses perform many of the same functions as ordinary blue light glasses, with a difference. The best blue light blocking glasses for sleep not only protect the eye from shortwave blue-violet and green frequencies but also reduce the amount of light that gets into the eye entirely.

Bon Charge Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Evening exposure to blue light at night can send signals to us telling us its daytime and to suppress melatonin production

Using digital devices such as smart phones, TVs, laptop computers, house lights and even the light inside our fridge are the biggest culprits and emit blue light.

Blue light has been shown in studies to disrupt our sleep so it is important to block blue light between 400nm and 550nm (the melatonin disruption zone of light)to improve your sleep, before bedtime (around 2-3 hours before bed).

This may be achieved by using a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses which block blue and green light between 400nm and 550nm. When choosing a pair of blue light blocking glasses for sleep ensure they block between 400nm and 550nm to be as optimal as possible. All our lens reports can be found on each product page.

BON CHARGE's Blue Light Blocking Glasses are classified as a medical device in Australia and are included as ARTG 388832, 388832 and 388834. Their Blue Light Blocking Glasses are also FDA registered in the USA. Choose theirscience backed blue light blocking glasses and experience better sleep today.

All their frames are available in non-prescription, prescription and reading options


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