7 Strategies To Be Healthy NOW

To be a living soul is to think.

The average human being fires off over 60,000 neurological impulses a day! 56,400 of those signals are mainly about our own needs, wants and concerns. The majority of those signals we CANNOT control as the are genetically coded for our survival yet they also happen to guide the bulk of our decisions and behaviors. Call it natures way of keeping it real. This week, I want to give seven real life strategies for keeping it real, staying real to yourself and beating negative thoughts through self-realization and practice techniques! In the words of Modest Mouse- “Let's all float on.”

Imagine for a moment your brain as a bowl of water filled with all of these 60,000 thoughts at the end of the day. You lie in bed at night literally swimming in this bowl- this may explain why after a stressful day or right before another one you have trouble sleeping. Relationships- Excessive cortisol and spiraling thoughts fill your bowl sometimes spilling onto the sheets and rubbing off on whoever is next to you! Now, take a deep breath and picture yourself swimming in, absorbing and playing around in a sea of positive, self-serving and optimistic emotions. Feels better right? How does your swim session taste right now? Is it too salty, too bitter or maybe too sweet? How are your thoughts serving you at the very moment you decide to flow with the water instead of adding in reasons to cling to the shore?

What does it really mean to go with the flow? This phrase has been beat down the pages of recent history by poets, scholars and writers. To really feel the “flow,” you first have to recognize and the accept where the flow comes from. Determine the source of the river, find it's mouth and jump in! Oh wait, you're already there! You've been there since you were born. Whether or not you follow quantum physics or believe in the scientific fact that we're all connected together on an molecular level, the universe combined with our genuine intention intention will be the true flow of our lives. Oh, and guess what, you have no direct control! Surrender baby surrender, because the sooner you do the sooner you can start feeling happy. The biology of this flow is captivating, check it out-

Messages travel on an afferent and efferent electric system through neurons measured in milliseconds all over the human body. Every second there are important cues for us to do or do not such as hunger, tired, sore, sexually excited, romantically inclined, cautious, off-balance and a multitude of others that push us along our day keeping us alive and thriving. As you sit or stand right now, how have the thoughts you CAN control served you today? Its important to recognize the power of thoughts because they truly become things!

In a ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) sympathetic dominant society where most working professionals tend to lean towards an acidity state known as “fight or flight,” we have literally filled up our bowl with water hazards! People that are continually stressed and angry need to start walking around with a bio-hazard t-shirt on because that will let the rest of us know just what kind water they have poured for themselves. These asleep, or unconscious individuals, negative thinkers then try to maintain afloat in this sea of excitability by using arm floaties; a metaphor for stimulants and drugs, that level them out again, when really what they all need to do is just let the water flow. Have you ever been in an amazing mood and you have just one encounter with someone who is toxic? The minute you are around them you can feel them trying to dump their toxic water onto you. It takes some major self-realization of how you want to feel to repel their flow. Next time this happens, instead of putting up a damn to keep them out, try just letting their energy flow into you and out of you! Easier said than done yes, but the more you practice the better you will get. Remember the afferent and efferent messages? They are connected to synapses in the brain that either grow stronger or weaker depending on how much you recruit them. By staying positive in the face of negativity, you are literally re-programming your brain for stress reduction! How do you think that will play out in your wellness, health and any quest for fat loss or muscle gain? Yup, you're right!

Here are my top 7 strategies this month for repelling negative flow and staying TRUE and strong to who you really are. Lets do this-

1. START YOUR DAY WITH PROTEIN AND FAT WHEN YOUR BODY TELLS YOU IT'S READY TO EAT- First thing or not in the AM, let your body decide. The leptin mechanism in our endocrine system will provide satiety from fats and protein for a much more prolonged state when compared to the standard low fat yogurt and granola American crap breakfast. Want better energy which leads to more positive thoughts? Eat more fats and meats!

2. PERFORM A MINIMUM OF 30 MINUTES OF DAILY SPIRITUAL RECOVERY BY YOURSELF- Do what makes you breathe and smile. Keep it simple and keep it positive. Yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi, breath walking, massage therapy and basically anything that puts you in a state of emotional recharge. Make sure it is done alone or in the presence others who respect you! You need to spend time with yourself in order to know yourself and your needs that aren't being fulfilled. Just breathe.

3. EVERY WEEK, FORCE YOURSELF TO TRY ONE NEW MOVEMENT THAT YOU MAY HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO- By creating new message pathways in your neurons, you will reinforce the already positive changes you've made in your life and you'll achieve new connections with other like minded souls on their quest for fulfillment! Ride a bike, fly a kite, sing in public or do whatever you'd like- the time is now!

4. ONCE A MONTH, EVALUATE YOUR FRIENDSHIPS, WHETHER CLOSE OR DISTANT, AND ASK HOW YOU ARE BOTH SERVING EACH OTHER. IF NOT, JUST LET GO- There is a major difference between helping a friend in need and carrying their emotional load on your back. Ask yourself how you are truly serving your friend and how they are making your life better. If you can't think of any way in which you both ENRICH each others lives then the time may be ahead to just let go. You'll feel hurt at first because of the psychology of dependency but in the long run you are serving them by letting go! Think of how much you'll both grow from it and release.

5. PLAY! No explanation needed. Playing helps your mind let go of negative water. Just float on today.

6. PRACTICE LETTING NEGATIVE ENERGY FLOW THROUGH YOU- Test yourself in situations where you know a person in your life is challenging your positivity. Prepare yourself beforehand by practicing your technique. This technique will usually start with complimenting them, remaining nice when they are rude and finding just one positive thing about the interaction between the both of you. Keep your emotions of anger at bay. When you are about to leave their presence, remind them of that one positive thing and make it the focus of your departure. “Great talking with you today, I loved your comment about ______.” They will trip out, be educated by you and you can go about your day in stride.

7. FIND THE LOVE- Call your mom, she loves you. Telling family or friends you love them activates the reward mechanism in the Limbic brain. Love feels good and it feels good to feel good.

Find the love more.

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