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Zyppah Complete Sleep Kit

  • (1) ZYPPAH Oral Appliances
  • (1) Z Clean Appliance Cleaners
  • (1) ZYPPAH Nasal Strips

ZYPPAH is the only anti-snoring device that is proven to be 91% effective in an independent clinical study. The patented technology was designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a biomedical engineer, world renowned dentist, and one of the foremost authorities on snoring treatment.

Z-Clean: Anti-Bacterial cleaning solution to safely clean your Snoring or Sleep Apnea devices. Get true oral hygiene that makes your appliance as fresh & clean as the first time.

ZYPPAH Nasal Strips: Powered by our proprietary Z-flex technology, once applied, the bands flex to open the nasal passageways to help you breathe better through your nose. The strips are placed across the nose with a unique adhesive that allows for a secure hold, comfort, and easy, residue-free removal.

Why is ZYPPAH the #1 and ONLY anti-snoring mouthpiece:

ZYPPAH is only the clinically proven as the anti-snoring consumer mouthpiece to complete FDA approved Clinical Study with a resulting 91% success rate.

No other snoring mouthpiece can make this claim.


Tongue Stabilizing Band

Self-Molding for Custom Fit


When individuals fall asleep, their tongues relax and settle into the back of their throat, diminishing the path of their natural airway. Then, snoring happens when air is forced through this narrow airway. The patented tongue strap gently holds keeps tongue forward, to prevent it from relaxing backwards during sleep.


BPA-free materials. FDA Cleared, Tested to USP Class VI Standards. Made in the U.S.A.


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