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Breath & Wellness | 21 Day Guided Program


Scientific research and national studies are proving that the right kind of breathwork done at the right time can raise your natural immunity, energy and weight loss capacity – for life.

I'll teach you how in this 21 day guided breath and wellness program using ancient wisdom to rise above the chronic stress in the modern world. You'll learn the best of the best.

Access your new program anywhere, anytime on any device with easy to learn videos, quick powerful breathing practices to boost your immunity, release physical & emotional weight, and have more energy in just minutes a day.


“Hey Josh, I’m day eight into the breathwork training and I just have to say thank you so much for this amazing program. I am a pediatrician and over the many many years of my training there’s always been a training schedule to follow. I guess because of the years of patterning it has been difficult for me to just “start meditating” and there hasn’t been any real guidance. Having a roadmap like your program has helped me have the confidence to believe that I can be successful at meditation. Focusing on my breathing is the key for me to settle the monkey mind that has distracted me on so many other attempts at finding inner peace. I’m feeling the doubt fade with each meditation and I am feeling stronger every day. Genuine self love and acceptance and letting go of old stubborn negative programming is my journey and I really do feel that this breath work is the key to freedom for me. So I just wanted to let you know that and share my thoughts. Thank you for putting this program together for people like me.” – Jill Pedalino, USA

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Listen to Josh Trent and Mark Groves talk about the mental and emotional health benefits of BREATHE | Breath & Wellness on the Mark Groves Podcast HERE.

Listen to Josh Trent and Ari Whitten from The Energy Blueprint talk about the mental and emotional health benefits of BREATHE | Breath & Wellness on the Mark Groves Podcast HERE.

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