Brain Wellness + Relaxation Device


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• Elevated mood

• Better sleep

• Drug-free microdosing

• Train your brain

• Feel more peaceful

Vizr is brain exercise disguised as entertainment.

Whatever the state of your brain today, it can be better tomorrow. Today’s science shows that you can elevate your brain’s potential through enhanced neuroplasticity.

How It Works

Each session brings forth vibrant visuals and structures, tailor-made by the most personal designer – your brain. Experience visions as unique as the Northern Lights. Your brain is the canvas, and every neuron is an artist.

Light + Sound

Brain Engagement utilizes the brain's innate synchronization with external rhythms and sensory stimuli, aligning neural activity with flickering light and rhythmic sounds.

Body + Mind

VIZR™️ sessions stimulate neuroplasticity, like a brain massage, enhancing creativity, relaxation, and mindfulness through new neural pathways.

The NeuroVizr® app offers brain exercise within captivating entertainment. Through innovative light and sound experiences, it goes beyond leisure to enhance cognitive function.

MOOD: Each session employs neurological light and sound signals to create ‘probability states,' inducing short-term, temporary mind states like peace, creativity, and concentration

BRAIN: The Brain Organizer section of Brain Gym utilizes cutting-edge neurological research to explore the frequency characteristics of our brain's main neural networks, each with specific functions and harmonic frequencies. These sessions aim to enhance healthy functioning in the targeted brain network.

SLEEP: Better Sleep sessions align with your Circadian Cycle, improving sleep patterns. Mornings optimize Circadian response to start your day, Afternoons reduce stress affecting sleep rhythms, and Evenings promote sleep induction.

DRUG-FREE MICRODOSING: In Drug-Free Microdosing, we create light and sound experiences akin to low-level psychedelics, serving as guides to stimulate your brain's growth and change potential.




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