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Welcome to a personal living library of curated sovereignty resources you won't find anywhere else…

Sovereignty Series | Kelly Brogan MD

Sov-er-eign-ty: a self-governing state.
Are you ready to make choices that are not influenced by your socialized belief systems?

Do you want tools that allow you to choose how you pave your own life?

Do you have a felt sense that the way things are could be better? Are you tired of fighting systems that anger you, disappoint you, and feel dehumanizing? Do you sometimes feel that the nature of reality as it's been presented just doesn't add up?

Let me support you in becoming a Sovereign Creator of your own Reality.
Only then does the invitation into authentic power present itself through the prism of reckoning with how we were stuck in paradigms of struggle, dependency, and meaninglessness…

But what happens when the deception— one that we have colluded with and that has been handed down to us intergenerationally— runs even deeper than we’d like?

Well, we just keep asking questions and putting one foot in front of the other…

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