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Nootopia Upbeat

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• Feel More Positive, Optimistic + Motivated

• Improved Energy, Clarity + Focus

• Reduction in tension

• More creativity + creative output

• Increased confidence in decision-making

Do you ever have days where you feel mopey and unmotivated, making it difficult to perform basic tasks?

Nootopia Upbeat elevates your mood and helps you become socially magnetic and naturally upbeat each day.

Nootopia Upbeat for Better Mood

Upbeat is a custom blend of seven of the most notable nootropics (brain nutrients) available that lift your mood. It consists of custom-blended capsules of natural nootropics, herbal mood enhancers, and mental “accelerators”.

By supporting your mood, you naturally feel more positive, optimistic, and motivated. And when your motivation is high — it’s easier to take action, get results, and succeed.

Upbeat is a powerful complement to our other Nootopia formulas because it balances out the intensity.

It’s great to be focused — but it’s even better when you’re HAPPY and focused.

  • Blend of 7 of the most notable nootropics available
  • Capsules contain natural nootropics, herbal mood enhancers, and mental “cccelerators”
  • Take 1 capsule first thing in the morning for improved energy, clarity, and focus

Nootropics Masterclass: How To Be Healthy, Fit + Wealthy With New Brain/Body Science (At Any Age)

Nootropics Masterclass: How To Be Healthy, Fit + Wealthy With New Brain/Body Science (At Any Age)Listen to episode 593 of the Wellness + Wisdom podcast with Mark Effinger, and discover the powerful positive effects nootropics have on the human brain and body, how to balance Acetylcholine levels, why you need dopamine and drive to obtain the best possible results, and the benefits of taking GABA and glutamate supplements.

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Nootopia Power Solution

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