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• Dynamic Stress Response

• Gentle, Natural Energy

• Serotonin Support

• Mood Enhancement

• Neurotransmitter Balance

MoodLift is a daily supplement designed to gently support mental and physical energy and a positive mood.

A groundbreaking entourage of the purest, most powerful, innovative naturally occurring HPLC-verified ingredients.

Lift Your Mood with LiftMode MoodLift!

Formulated in dynamic balance for those open to experiencing our newest, most efficacious stack research, Free from crap, packed with nothing but the cutting edge. MoodLift – Seize the day!

Whether you face a hard day at work, a crazy busy day at home, or a stressful social occasion, imagine a gentle, natural helping hand to support you through the day to enjoy every minute. Imagine starting each day, with the physical and mental energy, focus, and clarity to navigate what might lie ahead.

MoodLift is caffeine, PEA, and taurine-free, and is perfect for anybody looking for a gentle energy boost while supporting a positive mood and reducing feelings of stress. Like all LiftMode supplements, MoodLift is free from any fillers or excipients.

Our team has drawn on decades-long experience in researching and developing dietary supplements to develop the ideal combination of ingredients that will allow you to support a positive, social mood while reducing stress and providing a gentle yet noticeable energy lift.

liftmode kanna

Benefits + Ingredients

Combining ingredients that are well-researched, and well-tolerated, MoodLift takes the mess, time, and guesswork out of morning measurements of powders.

MoodLift comprises a coactive symbiosis of 19 potently allied mood-enhancing plant extracts, biochemical precursors and cofactors, in a 2 capsule serving, working in unison to optimize absorption, boost vital neural activity patterns, and rebalance mind/body signaling – all providing a perceptible natural motivated energy and a balanced resilient stress response.

Pillar 1: Calming and Stress-Reducing Plant Extracts

The first pillar contains a combination of five naturally occurring herbal extracts known to help reduce feelings of stress, while providing a gentle calming and relaxing effect; mostly through effects on the GABAergic system. Includes Magnolol, Baicalein, Piperine (Black Pepper extract), Sinomenium acutum extract, and Gotu Kola extract.

Pillar 2: Synergistic Energizing Vitamins, Nutrients, and Plant Extracts

The second pillar of MoodLift consists of a combination of 6 herbal extracts and vitamins, uniquely combined in the perfect synergistic ratio to provide a gentle energizing effect, without a crash afterward. Includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Folate, 7,8-DHF, Ginseng extract.

Pillar 3: Natural Extracts and Biochemical Precursors for Catecholamine Care

The Third Pillar consists of a combination of natural extracts and biochemical precursors that work collectively to gently enhance mood: by activating the catecholamine system and/or improving the brain’s natural production of serotonin – an important monoamine neurotransmitter known widely for its effects on mood.

The catecholamine system supports the body’s response to stress and is regulated by epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and dopamine. Includes Rhodiola Rosea extract, Oroxylin A, and Citicoline

Pillar 4: Potent Mood Enhancing Biochemical Compounds

The Fourth Pillar of MoodLift is comprised of four plant extracts and biochemical precursors that were carefully selected for their capacity to work in unison and provide a gentle boosting effect. Serotonin has long been known for its beneficial effects on supporting a positive mood and outlook. Includes Kanna extract, Peony Root extract, 5-HTP, and THH (Tetrahydroharmine).

Kanna: Nature’s MDMA For Anxiety + Depression? | Bandit French (LiftMode)

liftmode kannaListen to episode 500 of the Wellness + Wisdom podcast with Bandit French, and learn more about Kanna – a plant that has been used for centuries by indigenous people in South Africa, its influence on our cognitive functions, and how it can sustainably boost our serotonin level.

Watch + Listen to This Episode

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