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LiftMode Kanna Elixir – Marshmallow Flavor

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• Eases anxiety and stress

• Boosts mood

• Improves focus

• Supports emotional wellbeing

LiftMode's Limited Edition Kanna Elixir Marshmallow is like a warm crackling campfire in your pocket.

Delicious as is, it can also be added to desserts or drinks. Try it out with that morning mochaccino or hot chocolate!

The Benefits of LiftMode Kanna Elixir

Packed with a potent ratio of biochemically active alkaloids, Kanna Elixir (Marshmallow flavor) is a fantastic natural mood-booster and stress-reducer that will help bring sunshine into your day. Infused with marshmallow extract oil for a delicious, sweet marshmallow flavor. Improve your sociability and feel noticeably more relaxed with the signature MT55 Kanna Extract.

Designed for use on the go, the Kanna Elixir (Marshmallow flavor) bottle is discrete and easily transportable, meaning it can be taken to parties, work, social gatherings, or festivals, without raising any eyebrows. The 1mL dropper allows an individually tailored serving size, based on your unique metabolism and your desired strength of effects.

LiftMode's Kanna Elixir blends easily into cold water or beverages and does not require any exposure to heat. We highly recommend using Kanna Elixir (Marshmallow flavor) in cocktails as a replacement for Bitters.

Almost any sweet cocktail that calls for Bitters can use Kanna Elixir (Marshmallow flavor) in its place, or as an added extra to give a noticeable boost to your favorite drink.

Mesembrine is the most notable psychoactive alkaloid present in Kanna. Mesembrine acts as a VMAT-2 up-regulator, PDE4 inhibitor, and mild reversible AChE inhibitor. VMAT-2 upregulation appears to be Mesembrine’s predominant mechanism of action.

LiftMode Kanna Elixir contains NO artificial flavors, colors, aspartame, or artificial sweeteners of any kind.

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Kanna: Nature’s MDMA For Anxiety + Depression? | Bandit French (LiftMode)

liftmode kannaListen to episode 500 of the Wellness + Wisdom podcast with Bandit French, and learn more about Kanna – a plant that has been used for centuries by indigenous people in South Africa, its influence on our cognitive functions, and how it can sustainably boost our serotonin level.

Watch + Listen to This Episode

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