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Get to sleep, stay asleep + wake up feeling refreshed

Eons Sleep Mushroom Gummies

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• Fall asleep faster

• Get good-quality deep sleep

• Wake up feeling refreshed

• Decreased anxiety and stress

Do you often find yourself struggling to get a good night's sleep?

Are you tired of waking up groggy and unrefreshed?

The Sleep Mushroom Gummies orchestrate a symphony of responses that promote sleep and relaxation.

“I always had a hard time relaxing and sleeping through the night right after the weekend and the night before work. These are amazing and I have just introduced them to a friend and she swears by them. The best thing is you don’t feel drowsy in the morning.Jamie N. (verified buyer)

Benefits of Taking Sleep Mushroom Gummies

Sleep is a mysterious phenomenon, but we can all agree that it's essential for our health and well-being. Just as mushrooms are masters of hidden realms, the Sleep Smart Mushroom Gummies harness the power of Reishi mushrooms, rich in compounds that regulate the immune system, balance your circadian rhythm, reduce inflammation, and enhance your dreams.

These gummies orchestrate a symphony of responses that promote sleep and relaxation. Reishi mushrooms bring balance to your circadian rhythm and increase the production of sleep-inducing Melatonin. They also enhance dream quality, making your dreams more vivid and memorable.

Magnesium activates the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing your heart rate, relaxing muscles, and calming your mind. Glycine regulates the sleep-wake cycle and reduces sleep disruptions. Passionflower and Lavender interact with GABA and serotonin, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Active Ingredients:

  • Reishi Mushroom Extract
  • Zinc
  • Passionflower
  • Magnesium
  • L-Theanine
  • Lavender
  • Melatonin
  • Valerian Root
  • Glycine

Other ingredients: Allulose syrup, isomalt, water, citrus pectin, natural flavors, natural colors, monk fruit, sucralose, citric acid

Eons Sleep Mushroom Gummies

Dosage + Use

If you struggle with occasional sleeplessness, have difficulty winding down at night, or are looking for a natural way to improve your sleep quality, our Sleep Mushroom Gummies could be an excellent fit for you.

These Sleep Gummies may be small and delicious but they pack a mighty punch. Just 1 Gummy 20-30 minutes before bed is perfect. Combine that time with low exposure to blue light and you'll be out in a blink.

Eons‘ formulas were created to maximize bioavailability. Unlike other mushroom and herb products on the market, you will experience the incredible benefits on the first night.

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