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Dose Daily

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Liver: Cleanse and maintain your body’s filter

Skin: Promote natural collagen production

Soreness: Fight DOMS and muscle fatigue

Immunity: Support your body’s defenses

Cholesterol: Keep your heart feeling healthy as ever

Clean and functional ingredients, formulated to work.

Dose Daily shots provide exactly what you need to pursue your wellness journey every day.

Choose Your Dose Daily Supplement

Dose Daily organic wellness shots combine potent ingredients in clinically-researched dosages to functionally support a healthier body everyday.

Dose for Your Liver

This Dose is formulated with the world’s first organic bioavailable Curcumin (Turmeric extract). It is 24x better absorbed in the body than comparable shots. 1 Dose Shot = 50g of household Turmeric powder.

  • Filter Unwanted Elements in Your Liver
  • Double-blind Placebo-controlled Study
  • Ensure Optimal Liver Function
  • Organic Herbal Supplement

Dose for Cholesterol

Maintain cholesterol and triglycerides within a healthy range, support blood vessels’ health and flexibility, and help support long-term heart health.

This Dose contains delicious pomegranate bark extract which is a super rich source of oxidation-reducing polyphenolic compounds, equivalent to 30x the amount of raw pomegratine bark, while the amla juice extract protects cells that can help process fats and cholesterol within the body.

Dose for Your Skin

Keep your skin hydrated and collagen-rich with 100% vegan ingredients like aloe vera and sea buck thorn in a cooling, silky peach shot.

This vegan blend uses an Aloe vera extract 200x stronger than similar supplements, while Centella asiatica delivers natural compounds to support your body’s own collagen production, promoting hydration, elasticity, and overall skin health for the long term.

Dose for Soreness

This shot provides super-bioavailable turmeric, ashwagandha, and green tea actives to support muscle recovery with a full-bodied mixed berry taste.

DOMS (delayed onset muscle syndrome) is a primary cause of soreness and fatigue, especially as we age. Our formulation supports muscle soreness over time through a 24-hour slow-release and delivery of herbals to the body. It improves the body’s adaptability, builds endurance capacity, and boosts muscle strength and stamina.

Dose for Immunity

Kick your immune system into high gear with a natural Vitamin C boost from amla and acerola with delicious hits of ginger, lemon, and elderberry.

This Dose contains a highly potent (10x) extract of Elderberry as well as natural Vitamin C from 1150mg of Acerola, Amla, and Lemon, not synthetic vitamins from a lab. These potent ingredients work together to support your body’s natural defenses.

Dose Daily shots

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